Young Researchers Network in Circus Studies

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... to the virtual meetings of  the YOUR | CIRCUS - Young Researchers Network in Circus Studies taking place the in the first week the month 2-3 pm (Bruxelles Time).
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The interest in analysing circuses as objects of academic research is growing worldwide. The number of doctoral and post-doctoral students is also steadily increasing. However, they are usually affiliated with institutions at many different universities around the world, so their immediate colleagues often research topics outside the circus.

As exciting and stimulating it is to work in a young research area, as specific are the challenges that young circus researchers face, be it with regard to the positioning of the own research within the respective discipline, the linking of theory and practice, the procurement of research material, publication strategies or the search for suitable supervisors and mentors.

The aim of the Young Researcher Network in Circus Studies is to offer young circus researchers a platform for dynamic exchange.

Regular virtual meetings focus on the following aspects:

  • Peer Exchange
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Routine
  • Coaching
  • Equal Opportunities Support
  • PhD Training


Young Researchers Network sees itself as a direct complement to the recently founded Directors Network.
The aim is to work closely with the already existing networks and platforms of circus research and to complement them with a focus on the structural strengthening of young circus researchers.

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20.-22.5. 2021 Annual Meeting in cooperation with Espace Catastrophe und Circus I love you!