Dr Masoud Mohammadi Alamuti

Fellow of the Centre (June to September 2017)

The research of Iranian sociologist and social theorist Dr Masoud Mohammadi Alamuti („Institute for Management and Planning Studies“ - IMPS in Teheran) centres on critical rationalism as resource for the justification of norms in a global, open society. 

He has regularly been a guest in Münster and it was here that he completed his 2015 Routledge book on Critical Rationalism and Globalization.

In 2017, supplied with the "Georg Forster-Forschungsstipendium für erfahrene Wissenschaftler“ of the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, he will also be at the Centre as Associated Fellow to advance his two-volume follow-up project titled From a Closed to an Open Society: Modernity and Development.