Centre for Advanced Study in Bioethics

at the University of Münster

The Centre for Advanced Study in Bioethics, located at the University of Münster, has been funded by the German Research Council (DFG), designed for a period of eight years and provided an in-depth discussion on the basic principles of plausible norm foundation in bioethics. To this end the resources of philosophical metaethics, normative ethics and legal ethics have been discussed and made productive; at the same time, however, the crucial debates in biomedical ethics, biomedical law and biopolitics of the last 30 years have been analysed and critically worked up as well.

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Doing Realist Political Theory

We do not live in an ideal world. So shouldn't political theory also allow itself a pinch of realism? Not whether but how this could actually work in practice will be discussed at a conference from 4 to 6 July.

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Philosophischer Askriptivismus

"There is nothing good except: One does it." Ascriptivists would probably supplement: "One does nothing good, unless it is recognized". A workshop on June 21-22 will explore how Ascriptivism turns the current practice of the constitution of actions and the attribution of responsibility upside down.

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Causation and Responsibility in Moral Philosophy & Law

The concept of causality is not only of interest in the natural sciences, but also plays a central role in the attribution of responsibility in law and ethics. A workshop on 19 and 20 April will be focusing on the manifold and complex issues arising in this context.