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Mehr Waffen beenden keinen Krieg / More weapons don't end wars

eConsultation: Tue 10.00-12.00 a.m.

I can be reached in presence or via video chat by appointment, e.g. via zoom, ...
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Dietmar Lammers

About me

I was born in 1960. After a presumable rather standard youth in a little town, I started studying mathematics in 1980, learned FORTRAN on punch cards in 1981, and started studies in computer science. In 1986, I got my diploma in mathematics and computer science, and in 1994 published my dissertation to become "Dr. rer. nat.". 

Beside computers, I like biking (partially with help: IMHO a speed pedelec is a nearly perfect way to reach teh office). Another hobbie is scuba diving with experiences in the mediterranean sea, the northern sea, the atlantic and indian ocean, the red sea and some smaller lakes. Thinking twice about hobbies: Much more time I spend for gardening. Further on I was coach for under water rugby - a really recommending relax method! 
Oriented to computers, my actual interests cover - besides my research field distributed and agent systems - scince its beginning the WWW and its usage as tool for system administration and system maintenance. 
Furthermore, for several years I confessed a personal attitude towards [x]emacs as universal computing envoronment. Nowadays, everything ist "in the cloud", and the tools match development. 

I have also been active in academic self-administration since my student days (and that was a long time ago), among other things as spokesman for the scientific staff of the department for a very long time. I have been a member or representative of the Senate of the University of Münster since 10/99, was Chairman of the IV Commission until April 2023, and am active in various other bodies of the University of Münster - currently (April 23) I am, among other things, the chairman of the steering committee for university sports and a member of the IT commission.

You could call me a pacifist, agnostic, and philosophical buddhist. Buddhism makes you happy here - try it, e.g. by making others happy! 

I should mention that I am stammering since my childhood (what does not prevent me from speaking a lot - to the black despair of some friends :-)

My Tasks

My tasks are divided in three main parts, which makes things difficult sometimes. 
The main timeslice is consumed by the management of the IVV FB7/FB10/HSP, where I am vice manager. Here I am primarily involved in planning and provision of computer environment. 
Next, I provide my part to the educational effords of the computer science institute). Whenever time allows, I try to proceed in my research field, with focus on mobile agents and robotics.


How to reach me

  Dr. Dietmar Lammers 
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität 
Institut für Informatik 
Einsteinstr. 62 
D-48194 Münster

Room 612
Dietmar Lammers 
Gennericher Str. 2 
D-48329 Havixbeck
FON: +49-251-83-33707 +49-2507-987965
FAX: +49-251-83-33755 (when required)
EMAIL: preferable: 
("dietmar.lammers@" instead of "lammers@" will work, too.)
WWW: This page. URL
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