Study Programme

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Please notice that applications for PhD positions cannot be accepted anymore because the Research Training Group “Trust and Communication in a Digitized World” ends in 2021.

The study programme consists of a three-year curriculum. Bearing in mind the interdisciplinarity and cooperative spirit of the Research Training Group, the programme provides the doctoral students with a solid scientific basis, on the one hand, and sufficient time and freedom for their individual qualification on the other. It is comprised of both mandatory and elective classes, which are reflected in the so called study college and project college, respectively.

The study college includes seminars, lectures and colloquia on common topical, theoretical and methodical issues. Besides, it offers the doctorates a didactic education.

The study college is designed around the following class types:

  • Colloquium
  • Theoretical introduction (Seminar I)
  • Methodical introduction (Seminar II)
  • Didactic introduction (Seminar III + teaching)
  • Lecture series

The project college represents the elective structure of the study programme and incorporates practical and job-related elements. These include soft skills classes (e.g. publication strategies, career planning) as well as activities within the scientific community (e.g. participating in conferences and workshops, publications).