Synaesthesia: Opinions and Perspectives: 30 Interviews with Leading Scientists, Artists and Synaesthetes


Anton V. Sidoroff-Dorso
Sean A. Day
Jörg Jewanski


Synaesthesia, Multisensory sensation, Visual arts, Moscow synaesthesia conference 2019

Über dieses Buch

Synaesthesia is a remarkable phenomenon: It unites scientists and artists, as well as different disciplines such as neuroscience, psychology, music, art, philosophy and linguistics. This book is a collection of interviews with scientists and artists who explore synaesthesia. We asked similar questions to each of them: e.g., How can synaesthesia be defined? Is it inborn? Are synaesthetes special? How does it influence visual artists? Thirty people talked with us, including many of the world’s leading synaesthesia researchers, such as Richard E. Cytowic, Lawrence E. Marks, Jamie Ward and Edward M. Hubbard, and famous synaesthete artists such as Anne Patterson, Carol Steen, Timothy B. Layden and Raewyn Turner. Our interview partners from North and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand helped create this unique collection and provided many insightful ideas, colourful illustrations and unforgettable descriptions of their experiences.



Paperback, 442 Seiten

Cover Synaesthesia: Opinions and Perspectives


25. Juni 2020