The Committee on European Computing Education (CECE) established by ACM Europe and Informatics Europe is planning to build on the report released in February 2013, Informatics Education—Europe Cannot Afford to Miss the Boat, by mapping out informatics education both for curricula and for teaching methodologies across Europe and by analyzing selected case studies. To ensure comparability across the continent, the focus will be on secondary education, although observations relating to primary education will be included where appropriate. The analyses will be based on the distinction between digital literacy and informatics as set by the report and will aim at identifying factors that facilitated the implementation of successful informatics curricula in schools as well as obstacles to be overcome en route.

The project is organized in four major work packages: "Mapping," "Identification of Case Studies," "Data Collection and Interpretation," and "Reporting," which will take place during a 24-month period (April 2014 - March 2016)

The mandate of CECE also includes exploring the possibility of establishing a prestigious education conference in Europe jointly sponsored by ACM Europe, ACM SIGSCE, and Informatics Europe.