About us

The Asian Studies Centre is based at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Münster and was founded in 2024. It aims at networking scholars, students, and employees interested in Asia, who do research on Asia, or who are from Asia, to bundle their wide-ranging interests and competencies and make use of otherwise unknown synergies.

In addition, the Asian Studies Centre provides information about existing collaborations at the University of Münster with universities and institutions on the Asian continent and aims to expand these over time.

For students, the Asian Studies Centre serves as an exchange platform, contact point and advice center, with the intention of facilitating study and life at the University of Münster.

In all areas, the Asian Studies Centre works closely with existing faculties at the University of Münster and does not see itself as a replacement, but as a useful addition to all existing institutions.

It is an informal virtual centre and has no statutes. Members (join here) will receive information about upcoming events via email and at the annual meetings. The centre is overseen by Prof. Dr. Kerstin Storm, Head of the Institute of Sinology and East Asian Studies.