Printing possibilities

Printing from international places

Using the virtual desktop (terminal server), you can print from anywhere - including home. As Print & Pay printers are already installed on the terminal server, you only have to set up access to the terminal server (German) in order to print. A4 or A3 print-outs will be sorted in the print-out pigeon-holes at Einsteinstraße 60. Your individual pigeon-hole will be displayed in Mein ZIV. Your own print-outs can be recognised by the coloured cover sheet marked with your userID. Poster print-outs will be put into big boxes which are arranged alphabetically. Instructions for printing at our large-format printers can be foud here.

Printing in den ZIV pools (Einsteinstraße 60)

For small print jobs a self-service printer is available at Einsteinstraße 60. Log into a computer in the ZIV Computer-Labs, in order to use this printer. Your print-outs will be available on location.

Printing in the ULB (Krummer Timpen 3-5)

The ZIV provides a self-service b/w laser printer at the ULB, which is suited for small print jobs. In order to print, first you have to create a postscript file using the function "Drucken". Then you have to log into your personal Print & Pay account, where you can transmit the print job. Choose "ausgeben auf Schwarzweißlaserdrucker in der ULB". Detailed directions on printing at the ULB are available here (German). You can find your print-outs on location: The printer is located in the ULB's PC pool in the research hall (ground floor).

Date: 05.10.2015