Library of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Current Developments

Current Opening Hours

During the lecture period the library is opened
Mondays to Thursdays from 9.00am - 18.00 and Fridays from 9.00am - 16.00 o'clock.

Library tour 2017

The launch dates for the usage of the library facilities in the summer semester 2017 have already taken place.
Additional library tours will be offered at the beginning of the winter semester in October/November.

Informations about Literature Research


Information search:

Katalog Bibliothek Sportwissenschaft


EZB – E-Journals

DBIS – Datenbanken

Regular Loan Procedures


Generally the loaning of books in the library of Sport and Exercise Sciences is possible.
Extensions of book loans can only be handled over the phone under number (0251) 83-32346 or by presenting the books in the library. Please understand that we are not able to accept an extension via email, as we need to be able to clarify the eventuality of any reservations.

Service Offers
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The library of Sport and Exercise Sciences offers more than full book shelves. It is a learning and working place for students of the Institute. Here you find information about our offererings regarding Researching, Copying, Printing, Scanning, WiFi, VPN & Co.

Library of Sport and Exercise Sciences

About Us

Here you find information about the stock and the team of the library:

  • Which specific stocks are availabe on our end?
  • Who are the contact persons of the library?
  • How does the legal basis for usage of the library look like?