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The University of Münster is determined to help students to build a bridge between studies (and future work life) and a top-level sports career.
We would like to prepare you for your professional career while practicing sports with dedication. Next to an excellent scientific education, many key competences and target-orientated, professional vocational preparation during the studies are the key for a successful start of a career.

Besides that, we do not want you to abandon your sports career. The University of Münster, Partner University of top-level sports, wants to support you with a wide range of offers, for example counselling and advice. The foregoing homepage is supposed to be a first step towards better help and orientation for top-level athletes and gives an overview of the diversified possible options to connect your studies and sports. For instance, you can find an overview of all institutions and projects from the University and cooperating organisations, which might help you. I would like to wish you success for your studies at the University and hope that you find all possibilities to connect sports and studies.

Prof. Dr. U. Nelles
Principal of the University of Münster

Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessels
Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessels
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