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29 Beck Florian, Geiger Jörg, Gambaryan Stepan, Loroch Stefan, Mattheij Nadine, Mindukshev Igor, Pötz Oliver, Fufezan Christian, Heemskerk Johan W. M., Walter Ulrich, Zahedi René P. and Sickmann Albert (2016)
Time-resolved phosphoproteomics points to novel central nodes in platelet activation and inhibition
_ Blood pp accepted [ Abstract ]
28 Hochmal Ana Karina, Zinzius Karen, Charoenwattanasatien Ratana, Gäbelein Philipp, Mutoh Risa, Tanaka Hideaki, Schulze Stefan, Liu Gai, Scholz Martin, Nordhues André, Offenborn Jan Niklas, Petroutsos Dimitris, Finazzi Giovanni, Fufezan Christian, Huang Kaiyao, Kurisu Genji and Hippler Michael (2016)
Calredoxin represents a novel type of calcium-dependent sensor-responder connected to redox regulation in the chloroplast
_ Nature communications accepted pp [ Abstract ]
27 Kremer Lukas P. M., Leufken Johannes, Oyunchimeg Purevdulam, Schulze Stefan and Fufezan Christian (2016)
Ursgal Universal Python Module Combining Common Bottom-Up Proteomics Tools for Large-Scale Analysis
_ Journal of Proteome Research 15 pp 788-794 [link] [ Abstract ]
26 Perez-Riverol Yasset, Gatto Laurent, Wang Rui, Sachsenberg Timo, Uszkoreit Julian, da Veiga Leprevost Felipe, Fufezan Christian, Ternent Tobias, Eglen Stephen J, Katz Daniel S, Pollard Tom J, Konovalov Alexander, Flight Robert M, Blin Kai and Vizcaino Juan Antonio (2016)
Ten Simple Rules for Taking Advantage of git and GitHub
_ PLoS computational biology accepted pp [link] [ Abstract ]
25 Richter Andreas S, Hochheuser Caroline, Fufezan Christian, Heinze Laura, Kuhnert Franziska and Grimm Bernhard (2016)
Phosphorylation of GENOMES UNCOUPLED 4 alters stimulation of Mg chelatase activity in angiosperms.
_ Plant physiology pp [link] [ Abstract ]
24 Alings Fiona, Sarin L Peter, Fufezan Christian, Drexler Hannes C A and Leidel Sebastian A (2015)
An evolutionary approach uncovers a diverse response of tRNA 2-thiolation to elevated temperatures in yeast
_ RNA 21 pp 202-212 [link] [ Abstract ]
23 Bergner Sonja Verena, Scholz Martin, Trompelt Kerstin, Barth Johannes, Gäbelein Philipp, Steinbeck Janina, Xue Huidan, Clowez Sophie, Fucile Geoffrey, Goldschmidt-Clermont Michel, Fufezan Christian and Hippler Michael (2015)
STATE TRANSITION7-Dependent Phosphorylation Is Modulated by Changing Environmental Conditions and Its Absence Triggers Remodeling of Photosynthetic Protein Complexes
_ Plant Physiology 168 pp 615-634 [link] [ Abstract ]
22 Barth Johannes, Bergner Sonja Verena, Jaeger Daniel, Niehues Anna, Schulze Stefan, Scholz Martin and Fufezan Christian (2014)
The interplay of light and oxygen in the reactive oxygen stress response of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii dissected by quantitative mass spectrometry.
_ Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP 13 pp 969-89 [link] [ Abstract ]
21 Jaeger Daniel, Barth Johannes, Niehues Anna and Fufezan Christian (2014)
pyGCluster a novel hierarchical clustering approach.
_ Bioinformatics (Oxford England) 30 pp 896-8 [link] [ Abstract ]
20 Kukuczka Bernadeta, Magneschi Leonardo, Petroutsos Dimitris, Steinbeck Janina, Bald Till, Powikrowska Marta, Fufezan Christian, Finazzi Giovanni and Hippler Michael (2014)
Proton Gradient Regulation5-Like1-Mediated Cyclic Electron Flow Is Crucial for Acclimation to Anoxia and Complementary to Nonphotochemical Quenching in Stress Adaptation
_ PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 165 pp 1604-1617 [link] [ Abstract ]
19 Schulze Ulf, Vollenbröker Beate, Braun Daniela A, Van Le Truc, Granado Daniel, Kremerskothen Joachim, Fränzel Benjamin, Klosowski Rafael, Barth Johannes, Fufezan Christian, Wolters Dirk A, Pavenstädt Hermann and Weide Thomas (2014)
The Vac14-interaction Network Is Linked to Regulators of the Endolysosomal and Autophagic Pathway.
_ Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP 13 pp 1397-411 [link] [ Abstract ]
18 Höhner Ricarda, Barth Johannes, Magneschi Leonardo, Jaeger Daniel, Niehues Anna, Bald Till, Grossman Arthur, Fufezan Christian and Hippler Michael (2013)
The Metabolic Status Drives Acclimation of Iron Deficiency Responses in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii as Revealed by Proteomics Based Hierarchical Clustering and Reverse Genetics.
_ Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP 12 pp 2774-90 [link] [ Abstract ]
17 Mathieu-Rivet Elodie, Scholz Martin, Arias Carolina, Dardelle Flavien, Schulze Stefan, Le Mauff Franccois, Teo Gavin, Hochmal Ana Karina, Blanco-Rivero Amaya, Loutelier-Bourhis Corinne, Kiefer-Meyer Marie-Christine, Fufezan Christian, Burel Carole, Lerouge Patrice, Martinez Flor, Bardor Muriel and Hippler Michael (2013)
Exploring the N-glycosylation pathway in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii unravels novel complex structures.
_ Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP 12 pp 3160-83 [link] [ Abstract ]
16 Bald Till, Barth Johannes, Niehues Anna, Specht Michael, Hippler Michael and Fufezan Christian (2012)
pymzML--Python module for high-throughput bioinformatics on mass spectrometry data.
_ Bioinformatics (Oxford England) 28 pp 1052-3 [link] [ Abstract ]
15 Fufezan Christian, Simionato Diana and Morosinotto Tomas (2012)
Identification of key residues for pH dependent activation of violaxanthin de-epoxidase from Arabidopsis thaliana
_ PLoS ONE 7 pp [ Abstract ]
14 Kuhlgert Sebastian, Drepper Friedel, Fufezan Christian, Sommer Frederik and Hippler Michael (2012)
Residues PsaB-Asp612 and PsaB-Glu613 of photosystem I confer pH dependent binding of plastocyanin and cytochrome c6
_ Biochemistry 51 pp 7297-7303 [link] [ Abstract ]
13 Terashima Mia, Petroutsos Dimitris, Hüdig Meike, Tolstygina Irina, Trompelt Kerstin, Gäbelein Philipp, Fufezan Christian, Kudla Jörg, Weinl Stefan, Finazzi Giovanni and Hippler Michael (2012)
Calcium-dependent regulation of cyclic photosynthetic electron transfer by a CAS ANR1 and PGRL1 complex.
_ Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109 pp 17717-22 [link] [ Abstract ]
12 Specht Michael, Kuhlgert Sebastian, Fufezan Christian and Hippler Michael (2011)
Proteomics to go: Proteomatic enables the user-friendly creation of versatile MS/MS data evaluation workflows.
_ Bioinformatics (Oxford England) 27 pp 1183-4 [link] [ Abstract ]
11 Fufezan Christian (2010)
The role of Buergi-Dunitz interactions in the structural stability of proteins.
_ Proteins 78 pp 2831-8 [link] [ Abstract ]
10 Saga Giorgia, Giorgetti Alejandro, Fufezan Christian, Giacometti Giorgio M, Bassi Roberto and Morosinotto Tomas (2010)
Mutation analysis of violaxanthin de-epoxidase identifies substrate-binding sites and residues involved in catalysis.
_ The Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 pp 23763-70 [link] [ Abstract ]
9 Fufezan Christian and Specht Michael (2009)
p3d--Python module for structural bioinformatics.
_ BMC bioinformatics 10 pp 258 [link] [ Abstract ]
8 Negron Christopher, Fufezan Christian and Koder Ronald L (2009)
Geometric constraints for porphyrin binding in helical protein binding sites.
_ Proteins: Structure Function and Bioinformatics 74 pp 400-16 [link] [ Abstract ]
7 Fufezan Christian, Zhang Jun and Gunner M R (2008)
Ligand preference and orientation in b- and c-type heme-binding proteins.
_ Proteins: Structure Function and Bioinformatics 73 pp 690-704 [link] [ Abstract ]
6 Krieger-Liszkay Anja, Fufezan Christian and Trebst Achim (2008)
Singlet oxygen production in photosystem II and related protection mechanism.
_ Photosynthesis research 98 pp 551-64 [link] [ Abstract ]
5 Fufezan Christian, Gross CM, Sjödin Martin, Rutherford A William, Krieger-Liszkay Anja and Kirilovsky Diana (2007)
Influence of the Redox Potential of the Primary Quinone Electron Acceptor on Photoinhibition in Photosystem II
_ The Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 pp 12492-12502 [link] [ Abstract ]
4 Fufezan Christian, Zhang Chunxi, Krieger-Liszkay Anja and Rutherford A William (2005)
Secondary quinone in photosystem II of Thermosynechococcus elongatus: semiquinone-iron EPR signals and temperature dependence of electron transfer.
_ Biochemistry 44 pp 12780-9 [link] [ Abstract ]
3 Fufezan Christian, Drepper Friedel, Juhnke HD, Lancaster C.Roy D., Un Sun, Rutherford A William and Krieger-Liszkay Anja (2005)
Herbicide-Induced Changes in Charge Recombination and Redox Potential of Q A in the T4 Mutant of Blastochloris Viridis
_ Biochemistry pp 5931-5939 [link] [ Abstract ]
2 Schmidt Kristin, Fufezan Christian, Krieger-Liszkay Anja, Satoh Hiroyuki and Paulsen Harald (2003)
Recombinant water-soluble chlorophyll protein from Brassica oleracea var. Botrys binds various chlorophyll derivatives.
_ Biochemistry 42 pp 7427-33 [link] [ Abstract ]
1 Fufezan Christian, Rutherford a William and Krieger-Liszkay Anja (2002)
Singlet oxygen production in herbicide-treated photosystem II.
_ FEBS letters 532 pp 407-10 [link] [ Abstract ]

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