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matched isotope pattern chromatogram
Clustering of protein translation profiles
LC MS/MS alignmet


Cellular and molecular functions of
reactive oxygen species

Computational Biology

AG Fufezan


Arbeitsgruppe 2014


[BC]2 2015

BC2 2015 Very amazing bioinformatics conference! Many exciting talks, excellent organization and very fruitful talks!

Plant Physiology

Congrats Sonja! After hard and good work, finally in press!


Congrats Fiona Alings et al. !

Plant Physiology

Worthwhile waiting and optimizing - now in all its glory! Congrats Bernie!!!

Honest Peptide and Protein Ratio Visualization

AK Fufezan Peptide and Potein Ratio Visualization 2014

We though about how to visualize peptide ratios of a given protein in different conditions including the quality of the quantification event. We ended up using circle plots, where the area of pie-slice represent the peptide ratio and the colors (inner and outer) represent the quality of the quantification event. Data was taken from our recent publication Barth et al. 2014 MCP. Click on the image to see all four conditions of LhcA4.

Beautiful Izmir, amazing workshop.

Izmir Workshop 2014

The next steps

We finally can include a PAM (Thanks to Prof. Dr. E. Weis!) into our experimental setup and therefore enjoy fluorescence yield measurements galore!

Novel addons to our experimental setup - see Barth et al. 2014!!

Molecular and Cellular Proteomics

Well done Ulf et al.!

Molecular and Cellular Proteomics

Accepted on the 29.1.2014! Congrats Barth et al.!

Bioinformatics 28.10.2013

pyGCluster a novel hierarchical clustering approach is accepted
Congrats Jaeger et al. !!
The source is moving to gitHub

Another publication in MCP! 5.8.2013

Well done Elodie et al. !! abstract

Posterprize at the ISCB/ECCB in Berlin

Uploaded to F1000 - check it out

Publication in MCP!

Congrats Ricarda et al. !! pdf

Publication in PNAS

Congrats to Mia and Dimitris et al.!!

Publication in Biochemistry

Residues PsaB-Asp612 and PsaB-Glu613 of photosystem I confer pH dependent binding of plastocyanin and cytochrome c6, has been accepted in Biochemistry. Congratulations Sebastian & et al.!.

Publication in PLoS One

Identification Of Key Residues For PH Dependent Activation Of Violaxanthin De-epoxidase From Arabidopsis Thaliana, has been accepted in PLoS One.

Location changed

We have moved to Schlossplatz 4, room 206!


Finally, pymzML was accepted by Bioinformatics!
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>>> source on Github

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