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The centrally financed project e-Lectures is working to install recording equipment in the lectures halls of the University of Münster in order to record lectures and other events. This allows professors to document their lectures and post them online with additional materials for their students. The instructors can record themselves alongside the beamer images (PowerPoint slides etc.), or choose to simply present the slides together with the audio.

The decision to record a lecture is up to the professor. Lectures may only be recorded if the professor submits a corresponding request in advance. To have an individual lecture or an entire semester of lectures recorded, the professor must submit his/her request to the e-lecture support team. On the desired date(s), the lecture is automatically recorded and then published in a corresponding Learnweb course. Recorded lectures are only available to students who have registered for the respective Learnweb course.

The project exclusively uses the University's own technical infrastructure. The recording and processing of the videos take place on the Opencast platform, hosted on the ZIV servers, and the software processing is managed by the e-lectures support team. All data is contained within the University's own systems. In the lecture halls, so-called "capture agents" and cameras have been installed to process the A/V signals and transmit them to the Opencast platform. The recordings are then processed further and edited on the platform itself.

Lecture halls with installed recording equipment (more to follow):

  • Audi Max (Johannisstraße 12-20)
  • Aula am Aasee (Scharnhorststraße 100)
  • F1 (Domplatz 20-22)
  • Fl39, Fl40 und Fl119 (Fliednerstraße 21)
  • GEO1 (Heisenbergstraße 2)
  • H1 and H2 (Schlossplatz 46)
  • JUR1, JUR2, JUR3 und JUR4 (Juridicum)
  • LEO 18.3 (Leonardo-Campus 18)
  • PhC10 (Corrensstraße 48)
  • S10 (Schloss)
  • SCH 109.6 (Scharnhorststr. 109)
  • SCH 121.5 (Scharnhorststr. 121)
  • ZH (Badestraße 9/10)

Which lectures are being recorded can be seen in the eLectures room overview.

Support and contact

The e-lectures support team can assist you with any questions or problems you have with regard to recording lectures. We would be happy to advise you on how to utilise and produce recordings of your lectures. If you wish, we can make a test recording to give you an impression of what your videotaped lecture would look like.

If you would like us to record your lecture please send us the following form: consent form. You can send us the filled in form via mail or e-mail.

E-lectures Support Team
Fliednerstraße 21
Room 143c
48149 Münster
Tel: +49 251 83-29295
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Support hours:
weekdays 10 am - 2 pm