Study assistance

When we refer to "study assistance", we usually mean personal assistants who help students manage specific academic tasks, e.g. writing, conducting laboratory duties and working as sign language interpreters. As a rule, these personal assistants are only responsible for providing academically-related services. This does not include general tutoring, but rather individual support required by the student to actively pursue a course of study. In terms of their nature and type of financing, these support services differ from other services which help disabled students manage everyday life (e.g. care assistance, mobility assistance etc.).
The Social Welfare Office is responsible for financing study assistance as part of its integration support services. For more information, see the section on disability-related additionell costs .

The University of Münster supports students with disabilities by helping them find students who can provide personal study assistance. For more information and advice, contact the Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB) [de] or your faculty representative for students with disabilities.

Tutorial coaching following a psychological ailment

Students who wish to continue their studies following a psychological ailment can request a tutorial assistant from the Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB). In addition, the University can hire student assistants to provide extra support in the respective faculty for a limited period of time (max. one semester). For more details and contact information, see the section on psychological consultation services [de] offered by the ZSB.