NRWege-Scholarship for Refugees

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WHO can receive the scholarship?


Refugees who study at the University of Muenster (WWU) may apply (language course participants and doctorate students are excluded).


The financial situation of the applicants, social involvement and other special achievements are going to be taken into consideration when awarding the scholarships.

Attention: If you are receiving BAföG, you can still be funded with additional € 300 per month. In case of similar applications, preference will be given to those who do not receive BAföG benefits.


WHAT kinds of scholarships are there?

Entry level scholarship | in the 1st semester | 3 months, max. 850 €

Study scholarship | from the 2nd semester | 3 months, max. 850 €

WHEN is the application deadline?

On 28 October 2022

What DOCUMENTS do you have to submit?

To apply, please submit the following documents in a single PDF by 28 October 2022:

  • Application form (en/de) (please download)
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Motivation letter
  • Enrolment certificate
  • Copy of residence permit
  • Bank statements for the last three months of all your bank accounts
  • BAföG certificate (if available)
  • Proof of social commitment or special achievements (if available)
  • Additionally for a study scholarship:
    • Letter of recommendation from a professor regarding academic performance and prospects of academic success
    • Current Transcript of Records


What is the PROCEDURE?

  1. Send your application documents via email by 28 October 2022 to:
  2. The selection committee will review your application. If necessary, suitable candidates will be invited to (digital) selection interviews.
  3. You will be informed as soon as the selection committee has decided on the award of the scholarships. This will be done by the end of November at the latest.


Contact for Questions


Viktoria Junasko, Tel.: 0251 83-22679


What are the peculiarities in relation to BAföG or Scholarschips?

If you are already a recipient of another scholarship, this will be deducted from the monthly scholarship sum. If you receive funding from another source retroactively (e.g. BAföG or other scholarships), you must inform the respective source about the receipt of the NRWege scholarship and expect a reclaim.

Information on residence status

Eligible are individuals with the following residence permits (analogous to the  free of charge test procedure for Refugees from uni-assist):

  • Persons with a BÜMA/Ankunftsnachweis proof of arrival (asylum application registration prior to submission of the application under §63a AsylG)
  • Asylum seekers (ongoing procedure – Aufenthaltsgestattung temporary residence title under §55 AsylG)
  • Tolerated persons (temporary suspension of deportation – tolerated stay under §60a AufenthG)
  • Persons entitled to asylum under Art. 16a GG/1951 Refugee Convention (residency under §25 para. 1 AufenthG)
  • Recognised refugees under §3 AsylG (residency under §25 para. 2 sentence 1/1. AufenthG)
  • Persons entitled to subsidiary protection under §4 AsylG (residency under §25 para. 2 sentence 1/2. AufenthG)
  • Persons with protection against deportation under §60 para. 5 and 7 AufenthG (residency under §25 para.3 AufenthG)
  • Persons with residence permit status under §22 sentences 1 and 2, §23 para. 1, 2 and 4, §24 and §25 para. 5 AufenthG
  • Relatives (parents, children, spouses) of recognised refugees they followed, refugees under the 1951 Refugee Convention and persons entitled to subsidiary protection may have access to the free procedure if they can provide the residence title of the principal person entitled (the first relative to enter the country) under §29 para. 2, §30, §31, §32, §34 para. 1 and 2 and §36 AufenthG
  • Persons with a „fictional certificate“ under §81 para. 3 and 4 AufenthG
  • Persons with residence permit status under §26 AufenthG