UniKunstKultur magazine

The UniKunstKultur magazine is published (in German) once a semester by the Kulturbüro (Culture and Arts Office).

Cultural topics of interest are highlighted in the editorial section through interviews, profiles and (guest) contributions. In our Kulturkalender (cultural calendar), you can find the dates of upcoming exhibitions, lectures, concerts, theatre performances, readings and other events.

The Kulturatlas (cultural atlas) provides an overview of the various cultural groups and organisations at Münster University. If you are interested in acting, performing in an orchestra or singing in a choir, there are numerous opportunities available.

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In the archive: Past issues

The digital archive allows you to look through the past issues of UniKunstKultur. Archiv [de]

Request a free copy of UniKunstKultur

The Kulturbüro would be happy to send you one or more copies of UniKunstKultur free of charge by post. To receive a free copy, simply call or send an email to:

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48149 Münster
Tel: +49 251 83-32861
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Introduce yourself!

If you act in a University theatre group, sing in a student choir or direct a radio play group for students: Contact us! The Kulturbüro is happy to include any University group involved in art and culture in the Kulturatlas of the UniKunstKultur magazine.

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You can announce upcoming events in our Kulturkalender by completing a form, sent to you automatically at the beginning of every semester. Please contact us if you wish to be added to our mailing list.