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Endowments, donations and bequests

Take the future into your hands – Become a member of our circle of supporters

Join us in taking responsibility for the values that have distinguished the University of Münster for centuries – future-oriented research projects, outstanding junior academics and new discoveries that will advance our entire society.

As a sponsor, there are many different ways to show your support and commitment:


With an endowment, fund or trust, you can either support the foundation as a whole or a specific project which is important to you. Your contribution will not diminish as our funding measures are financed solely with the returns on the invested capital.

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You can also make a donation to our foundation: Donations earmarked for a specific purpose are directly invested in the funding project of your choice.

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Another way to support and sustain the future activities of the foundation is to donate or create an endowment through a legacy. In your last will, you can designate the foundation as a beneficiary or joint beneficiary or simply bequest a certain amount of your testamentary assets.

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Good to know

Because the Stiftung WWU is a non-profit organisation, all contributions (including donations) are tax deductible and exempt from German Inheritance Tax.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have, arrange meetings with required contacts and manage all further details.