Committees of the Stiftung WWU

Executive board and board of trustees
Executive board and board of trustees of Stiftung WWU Münster
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Executive board

Prof. Dr. Johannes P. Wessels (chair)
Rector of the University of Münster

Matthias Schwarte (deputy chair)
Head of Administration of the University of Münster

Board of trustees

Hans-Bernd Wolberg (chair)
former CEO of WGZ Bank AG

Prof. Dr. Pienie Zwitserlood (deputy chair)
Senior Professor of Psycholinguistics and Cognitive Neurology

Prof. Dr. Theresia Theurl
Dean of the School of Business and Economics
Director of the Institute for Cooperative Studies

Prof. Dr. Dirk Prüfer
Professor for Plant Biotechnology

Martha Schuldzinski

Managing Director

Petra Bölling
Head of Fundraising

My commitment to the Stiftung WWU

© WWU - Peter Grewer

“Creative research and teaching – the University is strongly committed to promoting these areas. As a scientist, I know from experience how important additional funding can be for projects which go beyond the scope of the state’s core responsibilities. The support of the Stiftung WWU is essential for special projects at the University. By supporting the foundation, I am doing my part to shape the future through innovative research and optimal learning and teaching conditions.”

Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessels, Rector of the University of Münster, Chairman of the Board of the Stiftung WWU

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“The University of Münster was and still is “my” university. I studied here and enjoyed student life, I took my exams, received teaching assignments, and later – as mayor of Münster – was able to benefit from the particular attractiveness of Münster’s higher education landscape for the city and region. Supporting the Stiftung WWU is my way of giving back something I have personally and publicly gained from the University.”

Prof. Dr. Berthold Tillmann, Chairman of the Board of trustees (until June 2019), former Mayor of the City of Münster