Funding projects supported by the Stiftung WWU

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the WWU Muenster`s castle garden
tree veteran in the castle garden
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The Stiftung WWU supports the construction of a tree adventure trail in the castle garden

An interactive tree adventure trail is beeing created in the WWU Muenster`s castle garden, funded by the Stiftung WWU. After the official opening in June 2019 visitors will be able to learn about the trees in the park on individual exploration tours. Guided tours will be offered as well to introduce guests to this special place of science. The aim is to promote a respectful and sustainable handling with nature.

Please contact us for more information about the tree adventure trail:

awardees and congratulators of the competition
awardees and congratulators: Katharina Hollberg, Anton Leibham, Prof. Kazu Hanada, Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessels, Prof. Dr. Pienie Zwitserlood, Prof. Kirsten Schemel, Albert Bronder, Anna Rochel, Kristina Foer (from the left)
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Music Campus: Competition

Music as missing link between science and society

The University of Münster Foundation has initiated a competion: students of the University of Applied Sciences in Münster were asked to present their ideas on how a future Music Campus could look like. In their masters classes they developed models and created solutions for a campus that could become the home of several institutions: the WWU Music Department, a conference centre, the Symphonic Orchestra and the city`s Music School. The campus is planned to be located at Hittorfstraße.

On 30th June 2017 the students presented their results to a jury. Finally, five teams were rewarded. Prof. Dr. Pinie Zwitserlood of the University of Münster Foundation congratulated the winners. Three teams won a first prize of 500 Euro for their presentation. Additionally, two teams became a special appreciation for their outstanding work.

Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessels (chair of the foundation and rector of the university), scholarship holder Anita Köllmann and Prof. Dr. Berthold Tillmann (chair of the board of trustees)
Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessels (chair of the foundation and rector of the university), scholarship holder Anita Köllmann and Prof. Dr. Berthold Tillmann (chair of the board of trustees of the foundation) (from the left).
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‘ProTalent’ Germany scholarships

Support our best junior academics

The Foundation supports students through ProTalent, the University of Münster’s own scholarship programme.

ProTalent scholarships are awarded to high-achieving and hard-working students, allowing them to devote more time to their studies, gain experience abroad or complete volunteer work. ProTalent is based on the Germany Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium), initiated by the German federal government.

By contributing a donation to the Foundation’s scholarships, you are supporting the education of talented young people and shaping the future of our society.

Certificate award Ceremony
Award ceremony: Dr. Andreas Dombret, Laureate Dr. Tom Philipp Dybowski, Dean Prof. Dr. Theresia Theurl and doctoral thesis supervisor Prof. Dr. Bernd Kempa.
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Doctoral prize

Help honour outstanding academic achievements

Thanks to the generous endowment and establishment of the Dr. Andreas Dombret Foundation, managed by the Stiftung WWU, a doctoral prize is awarded to the School of Business and Economics each year. The prize honours outstanding dissertations which demonstrate the connection between theory and practical application in an exemplary manner. Our deep gratitude goes to the foundation’s benefactor and initiator Dr. Dombret.
Read an article by Dr. Andreas Dombret describing his commitment to the University of Münster in the special supplement of the University Journal for Alumni, Friends and Sponsors (in German).