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Students with children

For most students with children, coping with the rigours of academic life and parenting is an especially daunting challenge. Attending lectures and revising for examinations while raising a child is a balancing act which often leaves student parents with the nagging feeling that they are constantly neglecting either their parental or the academic responsibilities.

On top of this, students with children often worry about financial security. Between studying and caring for their children, student parents often have to work part-time to make ends meet.

At the University of Münster, student parents are not left alone with their concerns, questions and challenges which accompany this new stage of life. The University offers numerous counselling and support services which are specially orientated to the needs of student parents.
The University of Münster supports students with children by offering the possibility of taking a leave of absence as a result of pregnancy or child-rearing responsibilities. The support measures include examination-related legal provisions which are anchored in most study and examination regulations, as well as, in many faculties, preferential treatment for student parents when seminar places are allocated.

The University is actively involved in addressing the interests of student parents with a number of additional services, e.g. the “Studi-Kids-Café”, counselling services for student parents, and the fundraising project “Madame Courage”.

The newly updated brochure “Zwischen Vorlesung und Kinderbetreuung” [de]by the Equal Opportunity Office of the University of Münster provides a comprehensive overview of projects and services which help student parents meet the challenges of academic and family life.

Financial aid

Raising a child while pursuing a degree presents students with additional financial hardships. To ensure sustainable and reliable financing throughout one’s studies, a number of financial aid programmes exist which are especially targeted at students with children.

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Legal matters

In addition to statutory benefits, to which all parents are legally entitled, students with children at the University of Münster can also take advantage of special legal provisions anchored in the examination and study regulations.

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Maternity protection for students

Pregnant and nursing students are protected under the amended Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz). The Student Maternity Protection Coordination Office was created to ensure the implementation of its provisions, and specifically provide female students with information and initiate individual protective measures.

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In order to achieve academic success, childcare services are vitally important to students with children. The Studierendenwerk Münster (Student Support Services) manages three daycare centres, at which student parents can apply to have their child cared for while they attend courses at university.

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Family-friendly accommodation

Inexpensive living space can be hard to come by in Münster. Student parents especially need centrally located, reasonably priced flats in the vicinity of the University.

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Counselling services

University staff in central and faculty-based departments are available to answer any questions you have regarding studying as a student parent:

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Rooms for parents and children

Nursing and nappy-changing rooms are available to parents at various facilities at the University of Münster. Parent-child rooms are also available. These provide parents a quiet place to work and their children a play area to keep them occupied.