Nursery School
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Child Care

High-quality childcare is essential for ensuring that you can devote your full attention to your job. If you are expecting a child, you should already start thinking about childcare possibilities. In addition to numerous family-oriented services, employees and staff of the University of Münster can choose from several types of childcare depending on their specific needs.
The Child Education Act (Kinderbildungsgesetz (KiBiz)) is one of several laws which provide the legal framework for childcare in Germany. Provisions regarding the expansion of child care and legal entitlement remain current issues of debate. At present, there are three categories of childcare: for children under three, for children over three and school-age children.
The Family Service Office offers University staff general advice and information on various forms of childcare, as well as concrete support, such as arranging holiday programmes for school children, providing contacts to babysitters, helping parents obtain a place at a daycare centre or finding a childminder.
The Welcome Centre at the International Office of the University of Münster provides information and assistance to foreign academics with children who wish to teach and/or conduct research in Münster, and to their hosting institutes.Good child care is essential for parents to be able to concentrate fully on their jobs. If you are expecting a child, it is advisable to start thinking about child care early. There are different kinds of child care for different needs, and many options for families.

The legal framework for child care in Germany is provided by the Kinderbildungsgesetz (KiBiz – Child Education Act), among others. The expansion of day care for children and access rights to day care are only two of the perennially current issues. The law distinguishes between the care for children under the age of three, those three years or older, and schoolchildren.