Improving Lithium-Ion Cells by Replacing PET Jellyroll Tape

Prof. Michael Metzger

The ECS Student Chapter Münster and BACCARA graduate school are happy to invite you to Prof. Michael Metzger’s lecture, starting at 10 am on Friday, 16th of June in the MEET hall. As the Herzberg-Dahn Chair Professor at the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science of Dalhousie University, Canada, Prof. Metzger is also an exclusive battery research partner of Tesla. In his lecture entitled “Improving Lithium-Ion Cells by Replacing PET Jellyroll Tape”, Prof. Metzger will talk about self-discharge phenomena in lithium-ion batteries and how to prevent them. After the talk, there will be plenty of time for discussion, so be sure to bring your questions to the table. Details can also be found in the attached flyer.

Detailed information

Lectures, talks
Fri 16.06.2023, 10 h - 13 h
Meet Hall and via zoom: (Hybrid Event)
ECS Sudent Chapter Münster in Cooperation with the International Graduate School BACCARA