• ZOOM and online lectures

    What is “WWUzoom” and how can I use it?
    With WWUzoom all members of the University of Münster including students can participate in video conferences and digital meetings with up to 300 participants at no charge. The software offers screen-sharing and chat functions. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and high stability even with many participants, the service is ideal for a wide variety of communication and teaching scenarios. For more information on how to use WWUzoom (and on data protection and alternatives), visit the WWU IT website.

  • Advisory services

    What kind of services does the University offer student parents while childcare facilities are closed? 
    The new Studi-Kidz allowance was launched on 1 April 2020 to provide childcare support to student parents. Due to the present situation, the allowance will be doubled for all applications submitted by 17 July 2020.  Each student parent can apply for € 300 per semester (for single parents, € 600 per semester). Student parents are also eligible for financial support to cover hourly expenses for babysitting when childcare providers cancel or restrict their services on short notice. Please note that in accordance with the Corona Protection Regulations only one person may provide childcare in a private home environment.
    You can submit your application to the Equal Opportunity Office now.

    Does the University offer advice or support to help mitigate the special challenges in these times of coronavirus?
    Many of the WWU service and counselling offices are working diligently to adjust their services to the current situation. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you require advice or assistance.
    In addition to its central facilities, the University of Münster offers the following programmes and services:

    Is AStA still providing services (e.g. social counselling, legal counselling)?
    AStA continues to provide both social counselling [de] and legal counselling [de] services. For more information, visit the AStA website [de].

  • Organisation of study programmes

    What rules apply to participants of the “Senior Guest Programme” in the winter semester 2020/21? (02 July 2020)
    You can find the latest information about the Senior Guest Programme at https://www.uni-muenster.de/Studium-im-Alter/aktuell.html [de]. If you have specific questions, you can contact our service team by email at studia@uni-muenster.de

    Are students who live in a “locked down” region allowed to participate in in-person examinations and courses? (02 July 2020)
    Yes, they are allowed to participate as long as they are not in quarantine and do not exhibit flu-like symptoms.

    When will the libraries open again? (29 June 2020)
    The University Library (ULB) and the affiliated faculty libraries plan to open successively in the coming weeks insofar circumstances allow. Starting on 29 June 2020, students will be able to use the study spaces at the ULB again, but they must be reserved in advance. Please consult the ULB website for further information about study spaces and opening hours (both at the central library and the faculty/departmental libraries).

    Can instructors hold in-person office hours in the faculties? (29 June 2020)
    As of 18 July 2020, the University of Münster plans to reopen all campus buildings which would allow instructors to offer in-person consultations again. The central academic counselling offices (ZSB etc.) plan to successively offer in-person consultation as well.
    For more information on advice services and office hours of individual instructors, please visit the website of the respective institute or faculty.

    What central University facilities (e.g. Student Admissions Office, Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB), Careers Service, Examinations Offices) remain closed to the public? (29 June 2020)
    Starting on 18 July, however, the advisory services will gradually reopen and resume in-person meetings and counselling sessions, but will continue to offer a broad range of services in digital form as well. For more details, consult the websites of the respective service centres and counselling offices.

    What will study and teaching activities take place in the third phase of the digital semester (18 July to 30 September)? (29 June 2020)
    The University is committed to concluding the summer semester 2020 as a “digital” semester. During the lecture-free period, however, some courses may be conducted in person (e.g. compact courses) as long as the legal regulations are observed. The Dean’s Offices are responsible for deciding on exceptions and will announce their decisions in due form. Please visit your respective departmental websites for more details. Excursions may take place again irrespective of duration or distance, but travel warnings and hygiene rules must be taken into consideration.

    What is the policy on “free attempts” at the University of Münster?
    The first amendment of the Higher Education Regulations on the Coronavirus Epidemic states that any failed examinations taken in the summer semester 2020 (i.e. exams administered since 15 April 2020) are to be regarded as “free attempts”. If you have any questions about the use of the “free attempt” provision, please contact the responsible Examinations Office.
    Other rules may apply to examinations administered in law degree programmes. For more information, please consult the website of the Law Faculty Examinations Office (FB 3).

    When can I withdraw from an examination at the latest?
    For all summer semester examinations administered after 15 April 2020, withdrawal is permitted until the moment the examination is scheduled to commence; failure to take an examination is regarded as a withdrawal
    Other rules may apply to examinations administered in law degree programmes. For more information, please consult the website of the Law Faculty Examinations Office (FB 3).

    Is there a rule on extending the standard duration of study?
    For information on the extension to the standard duration of study, please consult the website of the Student Admissions Office.

    How are examinations being administered?
    Examinations are to be administered online. Instructors are permitted to administer in-person examinations, however, if the type of examination requires the student to be present. The respective Dean’s Offices are responsible for deciding on exceptions.

    How can I change a registered, in-person oral examination into an online examination?
    You will find all the information you need in our Guidelines for Administering Online Video Examinations.

    Will the deadline be extended for bachelor's students who wish to enrol in a master's programmes in the winter semester?
    After successfully applying for and gaining admission to a master’s degree programme, students who find themselves unable to conclude their bachelor’s programmes in time due to the coronavirus pandemic will be granted provisional enrolment in their desired master’s programme. Consequently, the deadline indicated in your notification of admission will not extended. If you do not have your bachelor’s certificate yet, you can enrol in the master’s programme by presenting confirmation that your bachelor’s thesis has been handed in or accepted OR a certificate (e.g. transcript of records) showing that you have completed at least 140 credits. Please enclose a brief statement explaining why you were unable to obtain your bachelor’s certificate due to the pandemic. In this exceptional case, you may hand in your bachelor’s certificate by 31 March 2021 at the latest. If you fail to present your bachelor’s certificate by then, your registration for the master’s programme will be cancelled as of 31 March 2021.
    If you are unable to take a postponed bachelor’s examination by 15 November 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the University will allow you to be registered in both a bachelor’s and master’s programme simultaneously in exception to the rule. External applicants can register at the WWU as visiting students (Zweithörer) provided that their home university agrees.

    Where can I find specific information on the teaching activities within the departments?
    Please consult the websites operated by the specific department/institutes and central facilities. For subject-related questions, please contact your academic programme advisor in your department.

    Who should I contact if I have special online learning needs because of a physical disability, chronic illness or psychological/emotional impairment (e.g. handicapped accessible PDFs in Learnweb, handicapped accessible online study)?
    You should start by contacting the respective instructor and explaining your situation. The Disability and Access Resource Centre is available to students and staff to provide assistance with planning and developing handicapped accessible online teaching and learning tools (tel: +49 251 83 22015, email: kosmb@uni-muenster.de).
    For more information and advice services for handicapped accessible online learning, visit the webpage Studying with a Disability.

    In what form can I submit my degree thesis at the moment?
    You may submit your degree thesis in digital form. Send it as a PDF to the responsible Examinations Office within the prescribed deadline together with the signed plagiarism statement from your "uni-muenster.de" account. Please submit one (!) printed and bound copy to the Examinations Office as soon as the necessary infrastructure is available again. The printed copy must be identical to the digital version. You will not be required to submit the digital version a second time.

    When will course registrations be approved or denied in LSF?
    There are no centrally mandated announcement deadlines for approved or denied course registrations. Each department is responsible for deciding when to post this information. Therefore, we recommend contacting the department of the respective course for more information.

    Who should I contact if I am almost done with my degree programme but can’t complete the final degree-relevant coursework or examination(s)?
    If you are near the end of your bachelor’s or master’s programme but cannot complete the final requirement(s) due to the pandemic-related cancellation of teaching and examination activities, please contact the responsible Examinations Office to discuss your options for completing your studies.

    What is the University policy concerning requirements and deadlines for registration, enrolment and deregistration?
    Please refer to the website of the Student Admissions Office. The FAQs on that page are updated on a regular basis.

    Who should I contact regarding the impact of the coronavirus on my teaching degree programme, specifically regarding my study schedule, work placements, practical training periods etc.?
    Please direct your questions to the University Centre for Teacher Education (ZfL) [de]

    Will the registrations for exams that were supposed to take place before 20 April and have now been cancelled or postponed remain valid?
    Yes, these exam registrations remain valid. Please do not de-register yourself!

    Will I still receive my BAFöG payments despite the postponement of the summer semester?
    Yes, because the postponement represents an extension of the lecture-free period during which you remain eligible for financial aid. For more details, visit the website of the Student Support Services (Studierendenwerk) [de].

    What is the policy concerning term papers, written assignments, essays etc.?
    Please contact your faculty representative or professor to discuss when and in what form you should submit your term papers, written assignments, essays etc.

    Will study places be allocated in each subject area as planned?
    Please refer to the information on study place allocation on the websites of the respective department/institute/facility.

  • Access to buildings

    Must I wear a mask at University? (31. August 2020)
    It is to be expected that, after the end of the summer holidays and the lecture-free phase, the buildings will be in greater use again. Therefore, from September 1, it will be mandatory to wear a face mask (covering mouth and nose) in all circulation areas and common rooms inside University buildings.
    In addition, the familiar protective measures (social distancing – washing hands – wearing a face mask) are to be observed as before in all buildings of the University. Here are the most important rules:

    1. Activities in all work areas, work processes and buildings must continue to be organized in such a way that a distance of at least 1.5 metres can be maintained.
    2. In all circulation areas (corridors, entrance areas etc) and common rooms (social amenities rooms, changing rooms, photocopy rooms, post-rooms etc) inside University buildings, and regardless of social distancing, it is mandatory, without exception, to wear a face mask.
    3. For enclosed areas (e.g. student laboratories, other laboratories…), individual regulations will be drawn up. Please read in advance the information relevant to your course of study.
    4. Facilities with regular customer contact (e.g. advisory services) may give instructions for face masks to be worn in general in their areas. Such instructions are to be complied with.

    Can I enter University buildings in the coming weeks? (24 August 2020)
    From 18 July 2020 some University buildings will reopen. In some areas, you may be asked to register before entering the building or an event hall to ensure traceability. Other rules may apply to the buildings of the University Hospital Münster (UKM, Faculty of Medicine).

    to all WWU buildings is prohibited, also in Phase 2, without exception to the following:

    • persons who have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, or who are considered infectious until a negative test result is obtained (usually from the In-house Medical Service (AMD)),
    • persons who have been instructed to self-quarantine (e.g. by the public health authorities for being a Category-1 person, after trips abroad in accordance with CoronaEinrVO, etc.) for the duration of quarantine,
    • persons with acute symptoms of COVID-19 (see symptom checklist), please consult your general practitioner.

    When are the CIP pools going to reopen, and when can I use the printing services at the University again?

    The PC pool at the WWU IT facility at Einsteinstraße 60 will reopen on 20 July at 50-percent workplace capacity. The printing service “Print and Pay” will also be accessible again at that time. For information on when the other PC pools will reopen, please consult the respective faculty websites.

  • Plans for the summer semester 2020 and winter semester 2020/21

    What are the plans for the winter semester 2020/21?
    The winter semester will begin on 1 October 2020. Prior to the beginning of the lecture period on 2 November 2020, the University will hold an orientation week for the first-semester students. Some faculties are planning to organise programmes earlier – especially for higher-semester students. These will be announced in advance by the faculties. The WWU plans to offer the winter semester in “full operation with possible restrictions”. This means that in-person classroom instruction would resume. Depending on the given conditions (e.g. distancing rules), the faculties may have to institute a combination of digital teaching methods and in-person instruction. The faculties will be reviewing their policies on the basis of these framework conditions in the coming weeks.
    In case infections spike again, requiring the University to quickly scale back operations and shutter facilities, the WWU has proposed three stages for planning the upcoming winter semester:

    Stage 1: full operation with possible restrictions

    Stage 2: restricted operations due to an increase of coronavirus infections in Münster/at the WWU

    Stage 3: minimal operations due to a general lockdown

    If the rate of infection in Münster increases to such an extent that the WWU must restrict operations and enter “Stage 2”, courses will return to digital formats as much as possible – similar to how we are operating at present. More extensive restrictions may be necessary in the case of a general lockdown.
    At present, we plan to hold the winter semester under normal conditions, i.e. at Stage 1, while observing hygiene rules and distancing restrictions.

    What are the semester dates for the winter semester 2020/21?
    The winter semester will begin on 1 October 2020. The NRW Ministry of Culture and Science has not yet officially decided on any changes to the winter semester 2020/21. Therefore, the Rectorate will continue planning for the upcoming semester based of the following schedule:

    Start of lecture period: Monday, 2 November 2020 (for all students - beginning and higher semesters)

    End of lecture period: Friday, 12 February 2021

  • Further FAQs

    What do I need to do if I am found to be infected with the Corona virus? (1. September 2020)
    If you have caught the Corona virus, please inform the local health authority (Gesundheitsamt) of all the events and/or examinations you have attended at Münster University, so that the health authority can undertake all further steps. It will then, if necessary, contact the University for tracing purposes. Please also inform the University by sending an email to StudiumLehre@wwu.de. The sole aim of this email is to help prepare documents faster for the health authority to trace any other people involved.

    What is the opening policy for museums operated by the WWU (Archaeological Museum, Bible Museum, Botanical Garden)?
    Botanical Garden, Archaeological Museum and Bible Museum are open again regularly.

    I am pregnant or nursing. Are there any particular dangers for me in my studies from the Corona pandemic?
    Please refer to the WWU Münster website "Maternity protection for students".

    What about University Sports? (29 June 2020)
    University Sports resumed on 8 June with a significantly reduced summer programme. Further courses are planned in the coming weeks. Please visit the University Sports website for more information on the current plans to expand operations including the CampusGym.