FAQs for students

Last update: 29 July 2021

The following questions and answers are arranged chronologically within the topic blocks. The most recently added questions are at the top.

  • Coronavirus tests and vaccinations

    Why should students get vaccinated against the coronavirus? (29 July 2021)
    The University of Münster plans to hold the coming winter semester 2021/22 in person. A high vaccination rate among students and instructors is a basic prerequisite for returning to in-person instruction at the University. Therefore, the Rectorate strongly urges all students to take advantage of the many opportunities available to get vaccinated.

    Can students get their shots at the vaccination centre in Münster? (29 July 2021)
    Yes. Students may take advantage of the vaccination possibilities offered at the Münster vaccination centre. You can only book appointments via the online portal of the German Medical Association of Westfalen-Lippe (KVWL) [de] or by calling the freephone number 0800/116 117 02. The vaccination centre is currently administering initial shots of either the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna mRNA-based vaccine to unvaccinated persons. The second appointment will be arranged at the same time as the first and is usually scheduled five to six weeks later. On the day of your appointment, please take along your personal ID card, health insurance card and your appointment confirmation ticket to the vaccination centre. Following a brief pre-vaccine consultation, you will receive your vaccination, after which you will be issued a QR code for your digital vaccination certificate.

    We strongly urge all of you who are not yet protected against Covid-19 to seize this opportunity and take advantage of the convenient situation of extra capacity now available at the Münster vaccination centre. As part of the city’s vaccination campaign, cultural mediators are on hand to assist and consult international students in a number of foreign languages. For more information about consultation hours, visit https://www.stadt-muenster.de/impfkampagne [de].

    Of course, you can try to arrange a personal appointment at a different vaccination centre. Simply follow the steps for reserving a vaccination timeslot at https://116117.de and look for the corresponding link to the vaccination centre of your choice.

    Is there a vaccination campaign specifically targeted at students? (29 July 2021)
    In cooperation with the city of Münster, the WWU, the FH Münster and the Studierendenwerk, a concrete vaccination campaign for students is now being organised at the University.

    You can receive a vaccination from the vaccination centre’s medical staff without prior registration on the following dates:

    • Wednesday, 4 August 2021, 8 am – 4 pm at the Fürstenberghaus (Domplatz)
    • Thursday, 5 August 2021, 11 am – 2:30 pm at Viva-Cafe in the Mensa am Ring.

    All you have to do is show up and get vaccinated – easy, no hassle, and no need to make an appointment!

    What vaccines are being administered?
    BioNTech-Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson (the same offered at the vaccination centre)

    If I receive BioNTech, when do I have to get my second shot?
    1 Sept. 2021, Fürstenberghaus
    2 Sept 2021, Viva-Café in the Mensa am Ring

    Can I get my second shot from somewhere else?
    Yes, it’s possible. However, you must make sure that enough time has passed between your first and second shot (varies from vaccine to vaccine).

    What documents do I have to take along?
    Please bring your personal ID (or a valid photo ID) and your vaccination booklet if you have one. You do not need your student ID, enrolment certificate or any other University-related documents.

    Is there any special information I should know?
    Vaccinations can only be administered to persons aged 16 and older.
    All other medical questions will be clarified on site.

    What offers are available to first-semester students so they can commence their studies fully immunised? (29 July 2021)
    First-time students are urged to take advantage of the vaccination possibilities offered at the local vaccination centres or general practitioners in the vicinity as soon as possible. You can arrange an appointment at your vaccination centre at https://www.116117.de/de/corona-impfung.php. Many vaccination centres no longer require prior appointments.

    Are students required to get tested if they participate in in-person courses?
    Due to the currently low incidence rates, students no longer need to be tested to participate in in-person courses. However, this rule could be reversed if incidence levels rise again; we will keep you updated on any changes.
    We urge you to continue following the established hygiene rules and work to keep Münster at Incidence Level 1 (under 35).

  • Health and safety

    What should I do if I'm found to be infected with the coronavirus?
    If you test positive for coronavirus, the staff at the public health department will ask you to name those with whom you have had contact so that they can interrupt the chain of infection. With this information, the responsible health authorities will contact the WWU to request assistance with interrupting the chain of infection, particularly if you have been in rooms and/or attended courses at the WWU during the period in question. If you do get infected, we ask you to also inform us via coronaMeldekette@uni-muenster.de. By notifying us, we can help public health authorities trace potential infection vectors faster.
    If the health department places you under quarantine due to your infection or for being a Category-1 contact person, the health department will also inform you when you can attend in-person courses again.

    I am pregnant or nursing. Am I at particular risk when studying during the coronavirus pandemic?
    Please refer to the WWU Münster website Maternity protection for students.

    Do I have to wear a mask at the University of Münster?
    Yes, in accordance with current regulations, face masks are required in the following situations:

    • when conducting general services and research operations
      In accordance with CoronaSchVO, all persons in closed rooms must wear face masks. Exceptions are allowed while working in your own office/workplace if a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from others can be ensured. This corresponds to the existing rule at the WWU, but now additionally requires employees to wear masks during business meetings and conferences.
    • when holding courses and administering examinations
      In exceptional cases where examinations or courses must be held in person, all instructors and participants are obliged to wear medical-grade face masks (surgical masks or FFP2 masks) in accordance with § 3 (1) sentence 2 of the Coronavirus Protection Regulations (CoronaSchVO). This applies even if the minimum distance between participants is maintained. Depending on current incidence rates and room conditions (e.g. ventilation possibilities), instructors may allow students to remove their masks after taking their seats.

    Exemption from wearing masks
    Persons who cannot wear a face mask for medical reasons must present a medical certificate upon request confirming exemption from this mandate.

  • Studies in the summer semester 2021

    What rules applies to teaching and examination activities during the lecture-free period (2 July 2021)
    All rules pertaining to courses and examinations announced in our letter of 10 June 2021 will remain in place for the rest of the summer semester 2021 including the lecture-free period. You will be able to conclude the summer semester in digital form. Instructors may offer supplementary hybrid elements or additive in-person courses in line with the current policies. Lab practicals, individual musical instruction and trial operations can be conducted in person as before.
    For all courses and examinations, the rules put forth in the current version of the Coronavirus Protection Regulations and the General Directive for Conducting Courses, Practical Elements and Examinations at Universities of North Rhine-Westphalia still apply. Irrespective of these, all participants must maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m from one another. Please consult our FAQ pages for more information on these regulations.
    You will be informed about the examination modalities at the end of the semester by your respective faculties.

    Do I have to wear a face ask during an in-person examination? (2 July 2021)
    While directly outside or inside WWU buildings, all persons must wear a medical-grade face mask (surgical or FFP2 mask) in accordance with § 5 of the NRW Coronavirus Protection Regulations. As long as NRW and the Münsterland region remain at Incidence Level 1 and the examination room is sufficiently ventilated, students may be allowed to remove their masks after taking their seats. The decision lies with the exam supervisor (§ 5 (3) sentence 1 no. 4 of the Coronavirus Protection Regulations). Students who refuse to wear masks when face masks are required are to be excluded from the examination unless they have obtained an exemption from the Examinations Office in advance and can substantiate their exemption by presenting the respective certificate.

    How is the University ensuring traceability in the summer semester 2021? Do I have to register somewhere if I want to participate in an in-person course or visit a self-study room? (2 July 2021)
    Based on the Coronavirus Protection Regulations of North Rhine-Westphalia, the University of Münster is obliged to collect data on students who attend in-person courses and in-person examinations. This data must be recorded and provided to the public health authorities upon request. Traceability allows the authorities to identify those who have come in contact with infected individuals, quickly notify them to quarantine and thereby interrupt the further transmission of infection. All students are obliged to help the University ensure traceability.

    WWU IT has developed a tool to allow students to digitally register for in-person courses. The tool does not verify whether students actually attended, however.
    For a detailed description of the registration process, click here. The provided paper lists or seating plans only have to be used for documentation if QR-code registration is not possible. It is not necessary to additionally register using the luca app.

    Because all persons are required to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m in buildings and in-person courses at the WWU in the summer semester 2021, the University must only ensure "simple traceability". This means only sitting at places marked with green QR codes and scanning these when registering. For in-person exams, your contact data is collected in paper lists.

    Are in-person examinations being administered in the summer semester 2021?
    Examinations may be administered in person or in digital form. The faculties can decide on the form of examination within their scope of responsibility. The departments have been instructed, however, to continue offering the option of digital examinations so that all students have the possibility of participating.
    Students may be required to take a coronavirus test should incidence levels increase again.

    Is there a policy on “free attempts” at the WWU for the summer semester 2021?
    If a student fails an examination administered in a course offered during the winter semester 2020/21, the exam is to be regarded as a “free attempt”. This policy does not apply in cases of attempted deception or final theses. Furthermore, the faculties are permitted to waive the provision for degree programmes that conclude with a state or ecclesiastical examination.
    If you have any questions about the use of the “free attempt” provision, please contact the responsible Examinations Office.

    When is the withdrawal deadline for examinations in the summer semester 2020/21?
    For all summer semester 2021 examinations, withdrawal is permitted until the moment the examination is scheduled to commence; failure to take an examination is regarded as a withdrawal. This policy does not apply in cases of attempted deception or final theses. Furthermore, the faculties are permitted to waive the provision for degree programmes that conclude with a state or ecclesiastical examination. For more information, please contact the respective Examinations Office.

    Can I currently register to commence my thesis?
    Students may register to commence work on their theses. For more details, please contact your responsible Examinations Office.

    Where can I get information about the submission deadline of my thesis?
    Please contact the responsible Examinations Office for specific information concerning submission deadlines.

    Are there special rules regarding mandatory attendance in the summer semester 2021?
    Mandatory attendance is not required for purely in-person courses. However, "digital attendance" is required for digital or hybrid courses with mandatory attendance rules.

    Are special rooms available for self-study phases in the summer semester 2021?
    You can find a list of self-study rooms (so-called "study lounges") here [de]. Before your visit, please book a timeslot via the wwuplatz app. You can find the complete registration details here. Paper-based lists are also provided in the respective rooms.

    In what form can I submit my degree thesis at the moment?
    You may submit your degree thesis in digital form. Send it as a PDF to the responsible Examinations Office within the prescribed deadline together with the signed plagiarism statement from your "uni-muenster.de" account. Please submit one (!) printed and bound copy to the Examinations Office as soon as the necessary infrastructure is available again. The printed copy must be identical to the digital version. You will not be required to submit the digital version a second time.

    How is the WWU continuing teaching activities in the second half of the summer semester 2021?
    All courses which commenced digitally at the beginning of the summer semester 2021 can also be concluded in digital form.
    As is already the case, exceptions apply to lab practicals, individual artistic instruction, trial operations and sport classes, which may be offered in person under specific conditions.

    Students are also permitted to participate in hybrid courses and additive, extra-curricular, in-person courses.

    1. Hybrid courses: Courses which began digitally should continue as before but can be augmented by in-person instruction for up to 50 persons. This option is voluntary, as is student participation.
    2. Additive, extra-curricular courses: Courses which began digitally should continue as before but can be augmented by additional, extra-curricular, in-person instruction for up to 50 persons. Again, this option and student participation are voluntary.

    The faculties are free to determine how to concretely implement these changes in their offered courses.

    For more information about possible adjustments to how courses in your faculty will be conducted, please consult the websites of your respective faculty. These changes have no effect on the rules on maintaining minimum distance in in-person courses.

    Please scan the green QR codes attached to the seats in the classrooms to log into “WWUplatz”. If this is not possible, please sign in by using the paper attendance forms provided at the entrance of the building.

    Other rules may apply to students in the state examination programmes offered by the Faculty of Medicine. For more details, please contact IfAS.

    Examinations may be administered in person or in digital form. The faculties can decide on the form of examination within their scope of responsibility. The departments have been asked, however, to continue offering the option of digital examinations so that all students have the possibility of participating. Please take this into account when scheduling exams in the faculties. Students may be required to take a coronavirus test should incidence levels increase again.

    Other rules may apply to students in the Faculty of Medicine (FB 05). Please consult the IfAS website for more on the specific rules in place at FB 05.

  • Plans for the  winter semester 2021/22

    What are the plans for teaching and examination activities in the winter semester 2021/22? (2 July 2021)
    The University of Münster plans to hold the winter semester 2021/22 in person.
    Based on our current knowledge, we expect that students will be able to participate in in-person courses and in-person examinations.
    Individual departments may supplement their in-person classes with digital elements which they have successfully implemented in the past. The departments are responsible for deciding on such matters. A comprehensive digital curriculum will not be made available.

    Will "Zoom" still be available in the winter semester 2021/22? (2 July 2021)
    “Zoom” services will be available for use by working groups etc.

    Will students still be required to register their seating location using "WWUplatz"in the winter semester 2021/22? (2 July 2021)
    We expect instructors to continue collecting data for infection tracing which can be used if worse comes to worse. Therefore, please continue scanning the provided QR codes in all in-person courses and register via “WWUplatz”. Registration via paper form (provided lists or seating plans) should also be available as an alternative to digital registration. We also ask you to use the QR codes when visiting libraries, workstations, self-study rooms and CIP pools.

    Is the University prepared to implement new restrictions if the infection rates rapidly increase again? (2 July 2021)
    The University is planning a fall-back scenario if external circumstances force us to reinstitute minimum distancing rules in the classrooms.

    When can I expect to receive new information for scheduling my courses in the winter semester 2021/22? (2 July 2021)
    The Rectorate will be sending another letter in mid-September with further details on University operations starting in October 2021. For up-to-date information, please consult our FAQs.

    What are the semester dates for the winter semester 2021/22?
    The winter semester 2021/22 begins on 1 October 2021 and ends on 31 March 2022. The lecture period begins on 11 October 2021 and ends on 4 February 2022. The lecture period dates may vary for those enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine (FB 5), especially students in higher semesters. Please contact the staff at the Faculty of Medicine for more information.

    The Christmas holidays begin on 24 December 2021 (first day of the holiday break) and ends on 7 January 2022 (last day of the holiday break).

    It is possible that courses or parts of courses may be moved up or postponed to times before or after the lecture period. For more information, please speak with your departmental representatives.

  • Organisation of study programmes

    What rules apply to participants of the “Senior Guest Programme”?
    You can find the latest information about the Senior Guest Programme at https://www.uni-muenster.de/Studium-im-Alter/aktuell.html [de]. If you have specific questions, you can contact our service team by email at studia@uni-muenster.de

    Who should I contact if I have problems with or cannot participate in courses because of a physical disability, chronic illness or psychological/emotional impairment (e.g. due to a lack of handicapped accessible PDFs in Learnweb, handicapped accessible online study)?
    Students with disabilities who cannot participate in academic activities, or only with great difficulty, can receive compensation for disadvantages when participating in university courses (lectures, seminars, lab classes, tutorials, practical courses, excursions etc.). Special contact staff have been designated in each faculty to provide information and advice to students who seek compensation for disadvantages.

    For more information and advice services for handicapped accessible online learning, visit the webpage Studying with a disability in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Who should I contact if I am almost done with my degree programme but can’t complete the final degree-relevant coursework or examination(s)?
    If you are near the end of your bachelor’s or master’s programme but cannot complete the final requirement(s) due to the pandemic-related cancellation of teaching and examination activities, please contact the responsible Examinations Office to discuss your options for completing your studies.

    Who should I contact regarding the impact of the coronavirus on my teaching degree programme, specifically regarding my study schedule, work placements, practical training periods etc.?
    Please direct your questions to the University Centre for Teacher Education (ZfL) [de]

    Will I still receive my BAFöG payments despite the postponement of the summer semester?
    Yes, because the postponement represents an extension of the lecture-free period during which you remain eligible for financial aid. For more details, visit the website of the Student Support Services (Studierendenwerk) [de].

    Will study places be allocated in each subject area as planned?
    Please refer to the information on study place allocation on the websites of the respective department/institute/facility.

    I’m planning to start a work placement or study visit abroad in the coming months. What do I have to pay attention to?
    At the moment, no restrictions apply to students planning a work or study visit abroad. Please bear in mind, however, that changes and restrictions can come quickly. Please monitor the situation abroad on a regular basis and consult the guidance issued by the Federal Foreign Office. With regard to financing through Erasmus/PROMOS scholarships: travel restrictions which apply to tourist destinations have no influence on funding. Nonetheless, the funding provider, i.e. the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), discourages applicants from travelling to high-risk areas.

    You may submit your application for an Erasmus/PROMOS work placement scholarship. Please read the relevant information in the FAQs on the Careers Service website [de]. The application process for foreign study visits in the academic year 2020/21 will proceed as usual. If you have any specific questions, please contact the staff at the International Office.

    What is “WWUzoom” and how can I use it?
    With WWUzoom all members of the University of Münster including students can participate in video conferences and digital meetings with up to 300 participants at no charge. The software offers screen-sharing and chat functions. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and high stability even with many participants, the service is ideal for a wide variety of communication and teaching scenarios. For more information on how to use WWUzoom (and on data protection and alternatives), visit the WWU IT website.

    What rules apply to holding committee meetings?
    If committee meetings cannot be conducted via telephone or video conference, they may be held in person with a maximum of 20 persons in attendance. For meetings of 20 to 100 persons, the responsible authorities must be notified in advance by the Rectorate. We ask you to arrange such meetings through official channels.

  • Access to buildings

    May I enter University buildings?
    All University buildings are open. As long as you are enrolled at the University of Münster, there is no need to register on the lists provided in the entrance areas or via "Luca" app. It is necessary, however, to register for seats in classrooms, although in-person courses and examinations will not be taking place (see corresponding FAQ). Please make sure to disinfect your hands at the entrance area (unless you have allergies). Sanitiser dispensers have been provided for this purpose. While inside University buildings, we ask you to comply with the distancing, face mask and hygiene rules, avoid touching your face etc.
    Other rules may apply inside the buildings of the University Hospital (Faculty of Medicine, FB 5).

    Entry is prohibited without exception to the following persons:

    • those who have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 (PCR, rapid test or self-test)
    • those who have been instructed to self-quarantine (e.g. by the public health authorities for being a Category-1 person, after trips abroad etc.) for the duration of quarantine
    • those with acute symptoms of Covid-19 (please consult your general practitioner)

    Are the University facilities (advice offices, libraries, institutes, faculties) open?
    The student service and advice centres will continue to offer most of their services in digital form. For more information, please consult the websites of the respective facilities. When arranging appointments for personal meetings, please contact the respective service centre or staff member via email. Open consultation hours are not offered during lockdown.

    • Libraries: For more information, visit the ULB website.
    • Most facilities are open (e.g. advice offices, libraries, institutes and faculties). Please consult the websites of the respective units for information on opening times and applicable rules or policies.
    • As always, we ask all University members to strictly comply with the hygiene and safety regulations while inside WWU buildings.

  • Advisory services

    What kind of services does the University offer student parents while childcare facilities are closed? 
    The new Studi-Kidz allowance was launched on 1 April 2020 to provide childcare support to student parents. Due to the present situation, the funding cap has been removed for all new applications. This means that starting immediately, the Equal Opportunity Office will no longer set a funding limit per semester for recipients of the allowance. When childcare providers cancel or restrict their services on short notice, student parents can apply for financial support to cover hourly expenses for babysitting according to their personal needs. Please note that the Corona Protection Regulations stipulate that only one person may provide childcare in a private home environment.
    You can submit your application to the Equal Opportunity Office now.

    Does the University offer advice or support to help mitigate the special challenges in these times of coronavirus?
    Many of the WWU service and counselling offices are working diligently to adjust their services to the current situation. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you require advice or assistance. The Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB) offers psychological counselling, as well.
    In addition to its central facilities, the University of Münster offers the following programmes and services:

    Is AStA still providing services (e.g. social counselling, legal counselling)?
    AStA continues to provide both social counselling [de] and legal counselling [de] services. For more information, visit the AStA website [de].

  • Culture and sport

    Are the museums operated by the WWU (Archaeological Museum, Bible Museum, Botanical Garden) open?
    For current information, please visit the webpages of the Botanical Garden, Archaeological Museum and Bible Museum.

    Are University Sports taking place?
    Please visit the University Sports website for more information.

  • Application, enrolment, change the course of study, standard duration of study and de-registration (exmatriculation)

    Questions on these topics are answered on the pages of the Student Admissions Office.
    The FAQs on that page are updated on a regular basis.