Corporations as actors of civil society and their local involvement in political and societal structures in Germany and the Netherlands since the mid 90s

Negotiations of civil society offer the potential for societal regeneration which become necessary due to different challenges. This leads to a realignment of the relationships of the sectors market, state and the private domain that can be observed in both Germany and the Netherlands. Civil society and its intermediate position can offer an approach for new possibilities of political governance towards and along with the economy.
The dissertation seeks to analyze two perspectives: The first one is the intersection of civil society, more precisely the organizations of the third sector, and the state. The other perspective is the one on corporations which are involved in civil society. Co-operations of non-profit-organizations and corporations thus are the intersection between civil society and the market that characteristics are to be explored. On the one hand the aim of the project is to analyze the way in which public actors and actors of civil society handle the enforcement of corporations to act as civil societal actors and the kind of possibilities of integration that are offered. On the other hand the question dealing with how corporations utilize these opportunities and how they react to the state fulfilling its tasks concerning welfare policy in new manners arises. The characteristics of the acting of corporations as civil societal actors are therefore determinded by non-profit-organizations, the state and corporations.

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