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  • u0dawin: A queue for general purpose. It is usable for everyone, even without being a member of the groups that have submittet a proposal for PALMA. It replaces the old ZIVHPC cluster
  • k20gpu: Four nodes equipped with 3 K20 nVidia Tesla accelerators each
  • normal: 29 nodes with 32 Broadwell CPU cores (64 threads) each and 128 GB RAM.
  • smp: An AMD Opteron machine with 64 cores and 512 GB RAM (The former ZIVSMP)
  • phi: Two nodes with 4 Intel Xeon Phi Knights Corner accelerators each. (not available yet).
  • knl: Four nodes with a Xeon Phi Knights Landing accelerator
  • requeue: Job in this queue will run on the nodes of the above mentioned 18 nodes. If your jobs are running on one of the exclusive nodes while jobs are put in there, your job will be terminated and requeued, so use with care.
  • express: A partition for short running (test) jobs with a maximum walltime of 2 hours.
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