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Constant network connections at WWU

To get access to the internet at institutions which are in charge of the ZIV, you can use constant network connections. They are more steady and even faster than the wireless connections. Staff of institutions which are in charge of the ZIV can apply for the installation of new network connections - unless there is no LAN connection for the computers yet. For your application you need the form below, which you can also use to register computers for the work in the LAN. The prices for the installation of LAN connections include all costs.

LAN application [de]

price list [de]

Personal LAN access (“pLANet.X”)

If you want to run alternating computers (e.g. notebooks) with a LAN connection, you can set up your LAN connection as a so called pLANet.X connection. With the internet access via pLANet, there is no need anymore to register your different computers. pLANet network connections are suited for the spontaneous access of non-registered computers. Therefore the ZIV is able to offer notebook users with an ethernet adapter a flexible and fast access to the university network. In addition the handling is very simple: just connect the notebook via a fitting cable with the pLANet connecting box, set up a VPN connection and then register with your central user name and your central network password. The pLANet connecting boxes can be identified by the pLANet.X logo.

You can find further set up manuals for your computer here

Registration of terminals or computers

The registration of terminals or computers for the work in a LAN can be done online
(NIC online) [de] .
If you do not have a central user name, you can register your terminals also in writing by this form [de] . The registration is free of charge.