Essential services for your studies

The ZIV offers a wide range of services specifically aimed at students. When beginning to study, there are so many things to consider that it is easy to lose track. Therefore, we have prepared a checklist summarizing the most important information you need to know about the ZIV.

  • Checklist for students

    1. User ID, central password and MyZIV

    Every student of the University of Münster receives a user ID at enrolment, every employee at the beginning of his/her enrolment. The ID cannot be changed and is valid until exmatriculation or end of employment, respectively. The user ID is of great importance as it is required for most online contents and for access to computer workstations in the university or the libraries.

    The central password is required for almost all university services – ranging from e-mail to the registration for lectures and exams. Together with the information on paying the semester fee and applying for a student ID card, students receive an initial password by post after enrolment, which they should change immediately in the MyZIV user portal.

    2. University e-mail account

    Newly enrolled students get their own university e-mail address: "". It can be personalized in MyZIV by creating up to three aliases (e.g. ""). The address is valid until the end of your studies. Important information will be spread by the university administration on a regular basis, therefore, please check your e-mails regularly.

    3. University WLAN

    In many places in Münster you can access the university's WLAN. For this, you have to set your password for network access in MyZIV once - it must not be identical with the central password. Afterwards you can set up a connection as describe in our manual.

    4. VPN client

    Due to licensing reasons, some services provided by the WWU Münster can only be used from within the university's intranet. To make use of these services at home, you need the so-called VPN (Virtual Private Network). For this, you need your password for network acces and you have to set up a connection as described in our manual e.

    5. Printing service "Print & Pay"

    To benefit from the WWU's low-priced printing service, you have to register for Print & Pay. Afterwards you can start printing right away.

    6. Campuscloud "sciebo"

    sciebo is your personal cloud storage service which allows you to sync data on all of your devices and share them with others. It is operated by the ZIV, i.e. your data is safe.

    7. Software courses

    At the start of the term and during term break we offer a wide range of software courses [de]focusing on standard software such as Word, Excel and Photoshop. Participation is free of charge.

    8. User support

    Some problems require support in person, e.g. when configuration settings need to be checked or when a Laptop is infected with a virus. In these and similar cases as well as regarding daily queries concerning the use of computers, our user support at Einsteinstraße 60 (upper floor, room 103) is happy to help you.