Data backup

When planning measures to secure data, many different causes of risk have to be considered: physical disturbances like hardware malfunctions or fire, the use of deficient programs or purposefully damaging software, misuse or sabotage can lead to data loss and, in some cases, unwanted changes of data. In these cases it is imperative to be able to revert to an archival backup copy. The copy has to be compiled before the loss or unwanted change. This might date back several days.

The ZIV is using the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) to secure data, which deposits most of the backup data in a tape library system. This service should only be used by servers (no workstations) in the context of a broad availabílity concept.

Software versions and download, client registration

The TSM servers TSM10-15 currently run on version 6.2, TSM21-23 on version 7.1.

The software can be purchased directly from IBM, however, the same offer is mirrored by Karlsruhe university: Patches can be found here: tp://

Internal regulations

There are some duties that result from using TSM that are generally derived from the precept to handle ressources responsibly. Further information can be found in the internal regulations for backup, archival and HSM service [de].

Additional backup services

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