Online troubleshooting

You cannot get access to our services, you cannot log-in or you get an error message? In these cases, please carry out the following instructions. If this does not solve your problem, our service team is happy to help you.

1. Is your userID alright?

This can be checked by logging into our user portal Mein ZIV:

When logging in, all relevant settings of your userID are being checked automatically. If problems occur, they are reported to you. Additionally, you should check if the properties of your e-mail account, e. g. the automatic forwarding, are set correctly. If you forgot your password, please apply for a new one.

2. Are the properties of your computer set correctly?

As we cannot check the properties of your computer for you, you will have to check them yourself. Many problems occur due to wrong settings – often being changed unnoticed by some programs. Many times, firewalls are not set up correctly and thereby inhibit access.