Video conferences

Within the WWU, there are various video conferencing systems available that differ in handling and functions. For a video conference, you have the choice between the following:

Video conference room at Roentgenstr. 7

Vk Raum Roe7 1

There is a video conference room for H.323 videoconferences (not SKYPE) at the ZIV that is equipped with substantial multimedia technology (information on rooms and technology  [de]).

You can book this room including technical support. Please contact our Hotline for further information.

Non-university facilities (companies, authorities) may also use this room for a fee.

DFNVC – the video conference service in the German science network

You can use this service both with a video conference notebook as well as in the video conference room. Point-to-point conferencing and multipoint conferencing are both with this technology worldwide possible. IP, ISDN and telephone participants can meet here for a conference. Simultaneous streaming and recording of a conference, application (desktop) sharing, chatting are further options while holding a DFNVC conference.