Multifunctional classrooms

  • Location and equipment

    You find the classrooms SRZ 102 and 103 in the "Seminarraumzentrum", Orléans-Ring 12 on the first floor.

    A map of the WWU offers an overview plan.

    Room description

    • 2 rooms with 24 seats each, plus a seat for the lecturer
    • air conditioning system

    Hardware equipment per room

    • 25 Zero-Clients LG 23CAV42k-B in multifunctional tables with a mechanic, closable system to hide the monitors
    • HD-Beamer and media cupboard with VGA- and HDMI-port

    Current software programs of the virtual desktops ("Schulungen")


    • Windows 7 Professional (64Bit) 
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
    • Citavi 6
    • Microsoft Office 2016
    • Microsoft Silverlight 5.1
    • Notepad++
    • OpenOffice 4.1.5
    • PhotoLine 19
    • IBM SPSS Statistics 25
    • Matlab R2018a
    • R 3.4.2
    • RStudio 1.0.153
    • Java 8
    • Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
    • Sophos Antivirus
    • QGIS 2.18.13
    • 7zip
    • VLC Media Player
    • PuTTY

  • Booking

    Do you want to use the classrooms for your lecture?

    Please check in advance, if the technical equipment of the room and the computers support your plans. In case of any questions, don´t hesitate to contact us. We provide you with advice.

    Booking proceeds in two-steps:

    1. Booking of the room with the central room allocation or directly via HIS-LSF.
    2. Booking of the computer technique via the ZIV. Please write an email to

    Please take into consideration, that we can confirm the booking of the computer technique only after the room booking has been confirmed by the central room allocation.

  • Contact

    Do you have questions regarding the equipment and the usage of the rooms or a malfunction? Please apply to:

    Consulting contact person: Manuela Papke
    phone: +49 251 83-31651
    Keys for the rooms: ZIV-Servicedesk (mo to fr
    8 to 12 a.m.  & 1 to 4 p.m.)
    +49 251 83-31700
    Technical malfunction:
    ZIV-Servicedesk (mo to fr
    8 to12 a.m.  & 1 to 4 p.m.)
    +49 251 83-31700
    Other faults or emergency cases
    facility management (mo to fr 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

    +49 251 83-35161
    +49 251 83-33710

    HKW (when the building is closed) +49 251 83-33333

  • Manuals

    You cand find all organizational information regarding the usage of the multifunctional rooms here:

    User manual multifunctional classrooms (pdf, german only)

    Please take the instructions for the treatment of the special tables into consideration:

    User manual multifunctional tables (pdf, german only)