Setting up your WLAN connection


  • You have got a WLAN-enabled device (e.g. laptop, smartphone)
  • You are in range of the university's WLAN
  • You have got a valid ZIV user ID (user name) and you have set your password for network access

Please note: The password for network access is not your central password used to log on to university computers or to read e-mails. You can set up or reset your password for network access under MyZIV at any time.


The additional SSID "wwu" is available since 2010. The configuration and functionality of the SSID "wwu" is identical to the configuration of the already existing SSID "uni-ms". If available, the SSID "wwu" should be used instead of "uni-ms" in order to avoid roaming issues.

Guests (and for sure members) of Münster University can access the university network via eduroam.
For the setup of eduroam the following instructions will apply, whereby it must be ensured that the SSID "eduroam" is selected and the user name will be used with the addition "".


Choose an operating system for which you want to set up WLAN (instructions for older operating systems can be found here):

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Phone 8
Android 7+