There are many multi-purpose devices all over the WWU's locations with which you cannot only copy but also scan documents. The scanned files can be fetched via MeinZIV in the respective category or via an e-mail program.

The scans are stored for 1 week at the most, scans that are older than that or have been retreived are deleted automatically. Please note the maximum size of 16 MB for a scan job.

You also have the choice to deliver the scanned documents directly to your university mailbox. To activate this feature visit MeinZIV. If you requested forwarding of your e-mail, this takes place for scanned documents too.

To download the scanned documents via you e-mail program, set up a new account in the program you are using. The Post Office Protocol (POP) should be chosen as fetch protocol. Enter "" as POP server. The user ID is your central user ID at the ZIV.

Configuration of the POP3 access in detail:

  • Server type: POP3
  • Server name:
  • Port number: 995 (standard for SSL/TLS)
  • SSL-/TLS-encryption: turn on (Einschalten)
  • Login name: your central user ID
  • Password: your central standard password

Date: 27.05.20009