Instructions for using special conference WLAN VPN/WEB


  • a wireless-enabled device (laptop, PDA, some mobile phones)
  • a conference ID and a password obtained from the organizer of the conference

In the conference room your wireless-enabled device will find an unencrypted wireless network (without WPA or WPA2 encryption). The name of the wireless network (also known as "SSID") is VPN/WEB. You have to connect your device with this SSID. After starting any web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox). you will be redirected automatically to a login page, which looks similar to the following picture.


You will be prompted for your conference ID and password. After authenticating successfully, you will have access to the Internet. It should be noted that the wireless network is unencrypted. Therefore the data traffic can be intercepted.

If you are a member of an institution (e.g. a university), which is a member of the "eduroam" community, you should use the wireless network "eduroam". In most cases you can use the wireless network eduroam in the same way you are used to connect to the wireless network at your home institution.

Date: 18.12.2008