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The ZHLdigital office was established at the Centre for Teaching in Higher Education (ZHL) in late 2017. ZHLdigital helps instructors and students take advantage of a wide range of digital technologies in teaching and study.

The primary task of ZHLdigital is to provide didactic advice and supervision of Learnweb services, e-lectures and e-testing modules which are available to all instructors of the University of Münster.

ZHLdigital also offers individual consultation to instructors who wish to supplement and enhance their courses using digital elements. We see ourselves as a driver of discourse on topics of digital teaching. We strive to work closely with the University's faculties and teaching units. Various research focuses are combined with current didactic and technical challenges in teaching by our multidisciplinary team.

ZHLdigital provides services in the following areas:

  • basic digital teaching infrastructure (Learnweb, e-lectures, e-testing)
  • support and advice
  • provision and long-term sustainability of services
  • training programmes and advanced workshops as part of the certified ZHL advanced training programme
  • technical integration, adaptation and development of centrally offered support systems for digital teaching
  • internal and external networking
  • promotion of successful teaching concepts and exemplary digital teaching applications
  • integration of new/innovative didactic concepts and technologies
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