Frei verfügbarer Zugang verlängert: Scientific American 1845-1909


Der frei verfügbare Zugang zum Archiv der Zeitschrift Scientific American 1845-1909 wurde nun bis Ende des Jahres verlängert:

Now through December 31, 2011, you and your patrons will enjoy complimentary access to more than 75,000 articles from classic issues featured in the Scientific American 1845-1909 archive collection. This collection is a treasure trove that includes 65 years of scientific history, breakthroughs, inventions, and triumphs.

Einige Highlights:

1851: The Singer sewing machine

1876: The telephone

1879: Incandescent light bulb

1897: Lumiere cinematograph, the camera that started the film industry

1902: The Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk