Neues Online-Buch: The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook

The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook (Second Edition)
Marion E. Reid and Christine Lomas-Francis
Elsevier 2004, 561 Seiten
ISBN: 978-0-12-586585-2

The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook (Second Edition) ist eines der gut 1.000 Onlinebücher des Verlags Elsevier, welche die Zweigbibliothek Ende 2008 kaufen konnte. In den folgenden Monaten wird die ZB Med einige der Bücher und Buchserien exemplarisch vorstellen.

„The second edition of The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook provides key information relating to human red blood cell membrane components carrying blood group antigens, the molecular basis of the antigens, their serological characteristics, and the clinical significance of blood group antibodies. The data on this group of molecules has expanded greatly since the previous edition was published five years ago. Topics include: history and information on terminology, expression, chromosomal assignment, carrier molecule description, molecular basis of antigens, effect of enzymes/chemicals, clinical significance, disease association, phenotypes, glycotypes and key references.“