Neues Online-Buch: Anatomy of Neuropsychiatry

Anatomy of Neuropsychiatry: The New Anatomy of the Basal Forebrain and Its Implications for Neuropsychiatric Illness
Author(s): Lennart Heimer, M.D., Gary W. Van Hoesen, Ph.D.,
Michael Trimble, M.D., and Daniel S. Zahm, Ph.D.
Elsevier 2008: ISBN: 978-0-12-374239-1

Anatomy of Neuropsychiatry ist eines der gut 1.000 Onlinebücher des Verlags Elsevier, welche die Zweigbibliothek Ende 2008 kaufen konnte. In den folgenden Wochen wird die ZB Med einige der Bücher und Buchserien exemplarisch vorstellen.

„Anatomy of Neuropsychiatry presents the anatomical systems that take part in the scientific and clinical study of emotional functions and neuropsychiatric disorders. It discusses the limbic system?the cortical and subcortical structures in the human brain involved in emotion, motivation, and emotional association with memory?at length and how this is no longer a useful guide to the study of psychiatric disorders. The book provides an understanding of brain anatomy, with an emphasis on the new anatomical framework which has emerged during the last quarter century. The goal is to help the reader develop an understanding of the gross anatomical organization of the human forebrain. The book also includes an enlightening DVD describing the basic surface anatomy of the cerebral hemispheres, coronal and horizontal sections, and blunt dissection of the forebrain with special attention to clinical-anatomical correlations of interest to psychiatrists.“