Request for a functionary certificate

As an office holder or functionary you may request a functionary certificate. Ths does not belong to you personally but to the current office holder and is passed to the successor when leaving.

This can be used particularly for electronic signing or encrypting e-mails with S/MIME.

Requesting a group certificate works the same way as requesting a personal certificate, with few differences:

  • The attribute “CN” (for Common Name) must not contain your personal name but the text “GRP:” and thereafter a unique and concise description of your function, e.g. “GRP: Der Rektor

  • The WWUCA has to check whether the requestor is really the office holder resp. entitled to request a certificate for this function. It may be requested from the requestor to present appropriate verifications. It is recommended to discuss beforehand with the WWUCA whether and which verifications are required.

If there is a nonpersonal ZIV account belonging to this function, the request can be submitted using the user portal MyZIV with this account.