Hummingbird pollination

Collaboration with Oregon State University (Matthew Betts, Adam S. Hadley)
PhD student: Urs Kormann

Violet Sabrewing (Hummingbird)

Within the framework of the DFG research training group "Scaling Problems in Statistics" we are studying hummingbird pollination in tropical forests in Costa Rica (Las Cruces station). Using artificial feeders positioned along fencerows, we study connectivity and pollinator movement among rainforest fragments.


Tank bromeliads

Tank Bromeliad

I have been involved in a DFG-funded project on tank bromeliads in the Neotropics:

Methane emissions from tank bromeliads in neotropical forests

by Martinson G, Werner FA, Scherber C, Conrad R, Corre MD, Flessa H, Wolf K, Klose M, Gradstein SR, Veldkamp E (2010)

Nature Geoscience (Published online 17 October 2010), DOI:

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News and Views article: Biogeochemistry: Cryptic wetlands.
by Joseph B. Yavitt (2010), Nature Geoscience, DOI: (Published online 17 October 2010).

Works on carnivorous plants (Heliamphora, Drosera) in the Amazon basin (Mt. Neblina, Brazil/Venezuela)

(with F. Rivadavia Lopez, A. Wistuba, J. Nerz and others)

NeblinaHeliamphora tatei var. neblinae

Nerz, J. & Wistuba, A. (2000) Heliamphora hispida (Sarraceniaceae), a new species from Cerro Neblina, Brazil-Venezuela". Carnivorous Plant Newsletter Volume 29, Number 2, June 2000, pages 37 - 41.

Gallery forest and Inselbergs in the Ivory Coast (West Africa)

(with S. Porembski, N. Biedinger and others, University of Rostock; Image credits: S.Porembski)

This was a short-term research stay in 2000, where we collected plant material and did vegetation relevés on inselbergs in the Ivory Coast. Among other plant species, we found the carnivorous plant species Genlisea stapfii, Utricularia subulata, Utricularia juncea and Utricularia pubescens (Lentibulariaceae) and Drosera indica (Droseraceae).

Inselberg West AfricaInselberg with Afrotrilepis mat