Conservation Ecology

In several projects, we combine research with applied aspects, focusing explicitly on issues of biodiversity conservation.

(1) We use camera trapping and artificial burrows to study circadian rhythms of European Hamster (Cricetus cricetus).

Camera trap


(2) In the Hainich National Park, we study if the size of the core zone of the National Park is sufficient to conserve typical forest species (plants, carabid beetles).

Forest Herbs Hainich National Park

(3) In peat bog ecosystems in Southern Bavaria, we study effects of water level on endangered plants, for example the glacial relic species Betula nana.

Peat Bog Lake

(4) In collaboration with the Naturpark Meißner-Kaufunger Wald, we study plants, butterflies and leafhopper communities and how they are affected by land-use intensity. Using transect approaches, we study gradients ranging from the centre of each calcareous grassland out into other surrounding habitat types.

Calcareous grassland (Kalkmagerrasen) near Rosbach (Hessen)Maculinea arion (Large Blue) on Onobrychis viciifolia