Cluster of Excellence "Functional Biodiversity research"
Grassland Management and biodiversity

PhD student: Georg Everwand (2010-2013)
MSc student: Till Benner
BSc students: Melanie Wiechmann, Annabelle Rohlfing, Wiebke Röper

Agricultural intensification is known to greatly influence biodiversity and multitrophic interactions, but the relative contribution of plant functional groups, e.g. herbs and grasses, to biodiversity is less understood. In a multidisciplinary approach with botanists, soil ecologists and phytopathologists, we characterize insect responses to fertilization, mowing and plant functional group composition in a grassland experiment. Management and plant community effects will be characterized by insect samples, quantification of herbivory and experimental phytometer studies, addressing responses of pollinators, herbivores and predators.

GrassMan Experimental PlotsZygaenid butterflies on flower

Image Copyrights: left: (C) C. Scherber; right: (C) D. Gladbach


Sampling invertebrates using non-attractive (colourless, transparent) pan traps

Transparent pan trap
(Image copyright: C. Scherber)

Most recent publications:

GrassMan Experiment Panorama

Slug responses to grassland cutting and fertilization in a plant functional group removal experiment

by Everwand G, Scherber C, Tscharntke T (2013)

Acta Oecologica