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Project B12:

Theory of structure formation on prepatterned surfaces

B12 Gurevich

In this project we aim to obtain a detailed theoretical understanding of the process of structure formation on prepatterned surfaces via simulations and analytical studies. In the previous period the focus of our studies was on nucleation control and structure formation of deposited organic molecules on surfaces patterned with gold dots.
During the next years we will concentrate on more complex patterns employing more detailed aspects of the molecules. Based on preliminary results, establishing the feasibility of our approach, we will work on three topics:
1. Microscopic description of bulge formation for different prepatterned geometries.
2. Structure formation of anisotropic particles.
3. Theory of wetting on heterogeneous substrates.

The first two topics are mainly based on computer simulations, the last one focuses on analytical approaches. Whereas in most subprojects an intensive collaboration with project B1 is planned, the second subproject also contains a direct interaction with project A7 for the elucidation of the properties of anisotropic Janus particles.