Central coordination of the TRR 61

Project Z1:

German Speaker

Prof. Dr. Harald Fuchs

fon: +49(0)251-83-33621


Chinese Speaker

Prof. Dr. Deqing Zhang

fon: +86(0)10-62639355


The  management of the TRR61 comprises a variety of tasks, such as

  • organisation of the TRR 61 colloquium,
  • coordination of issue related to the German Research Foundation (DFG),
  • coordination of administrative tasks concerning  Chinese partners,
  • organisation of periodical meetings,
  • reporting,
  • organisation of workshops including those with guests from China,
  • support of Chinese guests including students (e.g. visa, housing),
  • support of visiting scientists,
  • generation and maintenance of website contents,
  • various matters of communication,
  • funding issues,
  • public relations,
  • local administrative activities,
  • controlling of regional scheduling within the projects.
Project Management
Dr. Sabine Hunze   

fon: +49(0)251-83-36303