TRR 61 Past Events


During the first funding period the TRR61 established annual international symposia and PhD student work-shops, alternately organized in Beijing and Münster. They successfully served as a platform for knowledge exchange and scientific discussions. As a consequence we will continue this concept and plan to organize two Symposia and two PhD student Workshops in Beijing and Münster, respectively.
For further scientific discourse external scientists with international reputation were invited to give talks to the TRR61 participants, as well as to all interested scientists. The symposium announcements were disseminated via University press, local press, and invitations sent to selected institutes and researchers. About 150 people usually joint the symposia lasting two days plus a third day for in depth discussion in the laboratories of the project groups.


The annual PhD student workshop was organized adjacent to the symposium and independently planned and implemented by the young researchers themselves. It became evident that this form of organization is most successful to encourage not only students from Beijing and Münster involved in the TRR61 but also the German PhD students belonging to different faculties, such as chemistry, physics, biology, business management to discuss scientific topics beyond their original disciplines. In addition the organizing team strongly benefits from gaining soft skills regarding all kinds of planning activities: location reservation, creation of the programme, its control and reporting, homepage preparation, registration, accommodation, travelling issues, invitation of guest scientists etc. It should be stressed that the responses to the workshops from the participants, from senior scientists and also from invited persons were extremely positive.
Beside the scientific programme there was always a social programme in order to foster the intercultural understanding. As this was highly appreciated by the PhD students we will keep this concept for the next funding period.