Multilevel Molecular Assemblies: Structure, Dynamics and Function

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Inspired by natural systems and their fascinating properties, facing the unsolved problems in molecular assemblies and their high potential in future applications, we are going to join our interdisciplinary efforts of physicists, chemists and biologists, working on functional molecular and nano-object assemblies. We will focus on exploring novel properties and functions, which emerge in assemblies with defined structures and multilevel organization. In the first project phase the understanding of the underlying mechanisms will be a main focus of the activities, particularly concerning multiple interactions, cooperative effects and dynamic behaviour in the molecular and nano-objects self-assembly process. Long-term goals of the project aim at the understanding and controlling properties and functions emerging from assembled molecular systems. We wish to develop (nanostructured) molecular materials with tailored electronic, optical and sensing properties, through their organization and collective behaviour, to accomplish multiple or complex functions which individual molecules cannot perform. We intend to achieve:

  • Improved functions in charge carrier mobility, molecular transport (including motion of biosystems) and spectral tuning (emission, absorption, polarization).
  • Generation of switchable and responsive materials, which are able to change shape, electrooptical properties, wettability, and binding properties upon external stimuli.
  • Construction of hybrid systems for biocompatible surfaces and sensitive biosensors.

To fulfill the goals we need to join the interdisciplinary efforts of scientists, including chemical and biological synthesis for building blocks, supramolecular chemistry and selfassembly for complex molecular systems, experimental and nano-physics for structural and functional analysis and theoretical groups for exploring and modelling the underlying mechanisms.