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The Nano4YourLife project is directed to female pupils in the Oberstufe and young female students (up to second semester).

In the project current research from the field of nanotechnology and especially from TRR 61 is introduced by a huge number of exciting experiments. Thus, participants experience the interdisciplinary mix of physics, chemistry, and biology for themselves. Future study and career fields are part of all workshops and lab visits. The participants receive authentic insights into research and work at a university and companies.

Details of the project can be found at the project homepage.

Workshops Gender Equality 2014/2015

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PhD-workshop in December 2014 and February 2015 with Marion Knaths, 'sheboss', Hamburg

The topics of these workshops were: ‘The game of power’ and ‘More games of power’.

Ten PhD students of the TRR 61 participated at these workshops (from left to right): Marion Knaths (supervisor), Sara Tyrrell, Linda Stegemann, Christina Alpmann, Eva Koch, Sybille Niemeier, Johanna Moratz, Eva-Corinna Fritz, Lena Hesping, Annika Kruse, and Anne Bakker.

Workshops Gender Equality 2013

Workshop Nov 2013

PhD-workshop in October and November 2013 by Dr. Claudia Schmeink, Consulting, Darmstadt

The topics of these workshops were: ‘Mentoring’, ‘Self-Marketing’ and ‘Career Management’.

Ten PhD students of TRR 61 participated at these workshops (from left to right): Nina Winkler, Sabrina Surmiak, Stefanie Litau, Christina Alpmann, Linda Stegenmann, Dr, Claudia Schmeink, Sybille Niemeier, Sara Tyrrell, Mernoosh Naderi, and Judith Niedenführ.