Alexander Zahrer
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Alexander Zahrer

Mag.phil. BA MA

Aegidiistraße 5
48143 Münster

Room 104
Phone: 0251/83-24497

  • Teaching

    Summer semester 2022

    Number Type of lecture Title of lecture
    098926 lecture

    Linguistic Theories and Models

    Winter semester 2021/2022

    Number Type of lecture Title of lecture
    097126 seminar Serial verb constructions

    Summer semester 2021
    Number Type of lecture Title of lecture
    095346 seminar Serial verb constructions

    Winter semester 2020/2021

    Number Type of lecture Title of lecture
    093995 lecture Languages of the World

    Summer semester 2020

    Number Type of lecture Title of lecture
    090813 seminar Basic Linguistic Theory. A framework for typologically informed fieldwork.
    090814 seminar Anthropologische Linguistik


    Summer semester 2019

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    096818 seminar Anthropological Linguistics


    Winter semester 2018/19

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    094817 lecture Introduction to Prosody


  • Professional career

    2017 Project assistant at the Institute for Linguistics, University Graz
    2016 Member in the project “Cross-layer pronunciation modeling for conversational speech“, Institut für Signalverarbeitung und Sprachkommunikation, Technical University Graz
    2015–2016 Member in the project “Wissenschaftliches Schreiben. Die textlinguistische und erwerbstheoretische Bedeutung von wissenschaftlichen Textprozeduren“, Fachdidaktikzentrum der Geisteswissenschaftlichen Fakultät, University Graz


  • Education

    since 2018 Doctoral studies General Linguistics, University Muenster
    2015–2018 Master's degree programme Linguistics, University Graz
    2013–2015 Bachelor's degree programme Lingustics, University Graz
    2010–2016 Teching degree programme (German and History)


  • Doctoral thesis


    A grammar of Muyu

    Muyu (ISO: kti, kts) is an underdocumented language spoken by estimated 2000 people between the Kao and Muyu Rivers in the Boven-Digoel regency, Papuan Province, Indonesia. It belongs to Lowland Ok, a less studied branch of the Ok language family (Trans New Guinea). Documenting this language is an urgent task, due to its endangered status. Speakers of Muyu are usually over 40 years old. Children do not use their parents language anymore. A shift to the national language Indonesian seems inevitable.

    My dissertation will comprise a grammar of Muyu, which includes the areas of phonology, morphology, syntax and pragmatics. The description of the language will be based on data from 4 field trips which will be conducted over the following years. During my fieldwork I will compile a fully annotated audio-visual corpus of Muyu which will be available online to the scientific community.



  • Publications

    2020 Zahrer, Alexander, Andrej Zgank, and Barbara Schuppler. 2020. Towards Building an Automatic Transcription System for Language Documentation: Experiences from Muyu. In: Proceedings of The 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, 2893-2900.
    2017 Schuppler, B., Hagmüller M., & Zahrer A., 2017. A corpus of read and conversational Austrian German. In: Speech Communication 94.C, 62-74.

    Conference contributions

    2020 Zahrer, Alexander. 2020. Chaining Clauses, Serializing Verbs? Ambiguities in the Status of Non-Finite Verbs in Muyu. (Presentation SLE2020 online conference, URL:
    2019 Zahrer, Alexnader. 2019. Muyu Grammar Sketch. A lowland Ok language of New Guinea. (Presentation WLP5 Manokwari, URL:
    2017 Zahrer, A., Petra Hödl & Dina El Zarka, 2017. Pitch accent types, question types and attitudes. A perceptual study of Austrian German. (Poster auf der Tagung "PundP13: Phonetik und Phonologie im deutschsprachigen Raum, 28.-29.9.2017, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
    2016 Zahrer, A., 2017. Zur Sprache kommen. Funktionsverbgefüge als Teil der Alltäglichen Wissenschaftssprache. (Vortrag auf der Tagung "Wissenschaftlich schreiben lernen. Diagnose und Förderung wissenschaftlicher Textkompetenz", 26.2.2016, Universität Graz)