Administration at the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences


The administration of the Institute takes care of the administrative tasks of the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences. On this page, you can gain insight into the team the current occupancy of the rooms and halls, download applications for occupancy or procurement  or get an overview of the various locations of the institute.

  • About us


    Tasks - Booking Responsible Main responsability
    Regelbelegung Tubbesing Müller
    Sonderbelegung Sulmann Müller
    Spitzensport Müller Müller




    Tasks - keys & copy cards Zuständig (Vertretung) Verantwortlich
    Schlüsselverwaltung Sulmann (Poulton) Müller
    Kopierkartenverwaltung Raissi (Grade) Grade



    Tasks - acquisition & office Zuständig (Vertretung) Verantwortlich
    Sportausstattung Poulton (Sulmann) Müller
    Medienausstattung Jürgens Grade
    Büro- und Druckmaterial IfS allg. Raissi  
    Multifunktionsgeräte VG Raissi (Grade) Grade


    Aufgaben - miscellanoeuos Zuständig (Vertretung) Verantwortlich
    Bullis IfS/HSP Beumer (J.Iber) Müller
    Schäden & Reparaturen Beumer (J.Iber) Müller
    Transporte Beumer (J.Iber) Müller
    Post- und Wareneingang Raissi (Grade) Grade




  • Information & communication


    Tasks Responsible Main responsibility
    Ticketsystem Raissi Grade
    Mailinglists Raissi Grade
    Websites overall Jürgens Halberschmidt & Web-Team
    Signs Raissi Grade


  • Procurement

    Employees of the Institute for Sports Science apply for replacement or new purchases at the university sports (HSP).

    Contact person: Erika Poulton

    Thank you for your cooperation!

  • Keys

    Keys are loaned to employees and teachers. The request has to be signed by the supervisor. The Merkblatt for handling service keys must be observed. If a key is lost, this information sheed has to be used.

    Keys are handed out by Daniela Sulmann (Leonardo-Campus 11).

    Please adhere to the given process description and use the available applications.

    Contact person: Daniela Sulmann

  • Executive board


    Tasks Responsible Main responsibilty
    Financials Grade (Raissi, Wunderlich) Meier
    Special financial aspects (Sondermittel) Grade (Raissi, Wunderlich) Meier
    Invoice management Raissi (Grade, Wunderlich) Grade
    Settlement of excursions Raissi (Grade) Grade
    Lectureships Raissi (Grade) Neuber
    Teaching reports Raissi (Grade) Neuber
    Managing of examiners Raissi (Grade) Neuber
    Staff management Raissi (Grade) Heads of departments


  • Contact


    Name E-Mail Phone: 0251 / 83-
    Beumer, Franz-Josef 32308
    Grade, Sebastian 32326
    Jürgens, Markus 32317
    Meier, Henk Erik 32321
    Müller, Jan Philipp 34813
    Neuber, Nils 32361
    Poulton, Erika 32301
    Raissi, Nerojini 32304, 39259
    Service Center 32312
    Sulmann, Daniela 34864
    Tubbesing, Nani 32133
    Van Bentem, Neil 31787
    Wermers, Philipp 32385
    Wunderlich, Annika 32409
  • Rooms & Facilities

    Here you can fin a map with an overall view for every room and sport facilities


    Overview map



    The annual overview of the opening hours on public holidays can be found here:

    Jahresplan Feiertagsregelungen Sportstaetten


    Horstmarer Landweg 50 - Seminar Building Phone
    HO 101, 102, 103, 104 Seminar Rooms 83-32365
    Soccer Soccercage ---
    Streetball Multifunctional Space ---
    Skates Roller Sports Field ---
    HO TE 3 Tennis Courts ---



    Horstmarer Landweg 51 - University Sports Hall Phone
    USH Main Hall 83-32319
    USH BJR Box / Judo Space ---
    USH FR Fencing Space ---
    USH KR Weight Room (Main Hall) ---
    USH 218/ GR Gym Room ---
    USH LSB Swimming Pool ---


    Horstmarer Landweg 62b - Administration Building Phone
    PL 1 Sports Ground 1 83-32308


    Horstmarer Landweg 68b - Ballsporthalle Phone
    BSH Ballsporthalle 83-32319
    BV 1 Beach Plant / Volleyball Court 1 ---
    BV 2 Beach Plant / Volleyball Court 2 ---
    BF Beach Plant / Football Field / Volleyball Courts 3 & 4 ---
    BSH 41 Seminar Room ---
    PL 2 Sports Ground 2 83-32308


    Leonardo-Campus 17 Phone
    Leo 17.21 Lecture Hall ---
    Leo 17.22 Seminar Room ---


    Fliednerstr. 21 - Psychology & Sports Science Phone
    FL SH Sports Hall 83-32319
    FL GR Gym Room 83-39439
    FL LSB Swimming Pool ---
    FL 018 Seminar Room ---


    Scharnhorststr. 118 - Gym Phone
    SCH SH Sports Hall 83-32319


  • Booking of rooms

    Applications for external schools, organizers and clubs

    • Application for sports facilities

    With this application external schools, organizers and associations can apply for the transfer of sport facilities. The second page of the application is to be submitted to external schools, organizers and clubs both for application and for non-application of additional services in the sports area administration.

    This application does not apply to the application for the athletics hall and the weight room (Horstmarer Landweg 45); Here are the two seperate, below applications to use!

    • Application for the athletics hall (Horstmarer Landweg 45)

    With this application external schools, organizers and associations can apply for the transfer of the athletics hall (Horstmarer Landweg 45).

    • Application for the weight room (Horstmarer Landweg 45)

    With this application external schools, organizers and associations can apply for the transfer of the weight room (Horstmarer Landweg 45).

    • Application for the "Top level Sport"

    To use the athletics hall, the power corner or the weight rroms as a top athlete, please contact Daniela Sulmann by e-mail.


    • Internal application for the booking of seminar rooms and sports facilities

    With this application, employees of the Institute of Sport Sience can apply for seminar rooms and sports facilietes. This application applies internally also to the athletics hall an the weight room (Horstmarer Landweg 45). If additional services (accommodation, drinks, grill) are to be organized for an event, the application for external schools, organizers and associations (see above) must be used. For insurance reasons, students are not eligible to apply for seminar rooms and sports facilities.

    The assignment overviews can be viewed here (Note: Registration required!)

  • Incident report form

    Occupational accidents and negative incidents (such as fires, leaks, substance spills and false alarms) sometimes occur undesirably in everyday life. EMU strives to continuously record the causes of accidents and incidents, to learn from each event and to eliminate or reduce existing (residual) risks by implementing appropriate measures.

    Therefore, in addition to the reporting of an occupational accident that has occurred, the reporting of the events mentioned above as examples (negative incidents) is also essential for the continuous improvement of the safety culture at EMU.

    Click here for the incident report form.

  • News

    News will only be uploaded to the Institute's website if they comply with the following points. Messages that are placed on the main page without authorization and violate the criteria listed below will be deleted without comment.

    • The text must be in both English and German
    • Headlines should be kept as short as possible
    • 2 text variants
      • Short (preview) : 2 - 3 sentences maximum
      • Long (full text) : Unlimited
    • Images must be high resolution and sent in two formats
      • Required formats
        • 1:1
        • 2:1
    • If a document has to be included in the news item, this document must be attached in the mail to the responsible employee.
    • Information about the placement of the message
      • Where should the message be placed? Department only? Main page?
      • Please note: Only relevant news will be placed on the main page.
      • Publications that do not have a high impact factor do not belong on the main page.